June 2016


Top 15 Awe-Inspiring Beards

  Who knew that beards would still be so on trend? 😮 Not that we’re complaining – we never want it to end! From lion’s manes to dainty handlebars, our beard/moustache adoration grows stronger every day. ❤ As a public appreciation of all things rugged and hairy, please enjoy these 15 awesome examples of truly impressive commitment to facial hair.   1: This is one high fashion farmer!     2: Rocking the ‘fro from head to…chin:     3: We might have found the perfect curl – thanks moustache wax!    ... Read More

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Pampered Pets With Better Beauty Regimes Than You

  We’re all guilty of pampering our pets – whether it’s an extra treat when they look at you with those irresistible puppy dog eyes 🐶 or an increasing collection of ridiculously over-priced toys because your pet deserves only the best. 😌   However, these 20 animals prove that pet pampering has been taken to a whole new level. From spa days to manicures, these pets put some of our own beauty regimes to shame.😭   This Boxer understands the importance of ‘me time’.     “Don’t disturb me – I’m beautifying.”    ... Read More

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15 Guys Who Should Have Found A Better Barber

  We’re sure you all know that feeling when a client comes in with high demands, but everything they ask for is just plain wrong. 🙈 Moral dilemma – please the client and do it anyway, risking public slander and potential bankruptcy, or firmly advise them against their terrible life decisions. It’s a tricky moment in any hairdresser/barber’s career, but more often than not, compassion wins; you just can’t bring yourself to keep that mullet or shave that ridiculous image into someone’s head – it’s just not right! 😭 However, these... Read More


Our Latest Obsession – Hair Stencilling! ❤

  Thought glitter roots was the craziest and prettiest hair trend you’d ever seen? Well look and think again! Hair stencilling is officially a thing and we can’t get enough! 😍 Made popular by artist and innovative hair stylist, Janine Ker, this unique method of hair colouring involves using stencils (believe it or not) to apply colour to hair in the most incredible patterns. 😮 Whether you want a permanently artistic do or are after some temporary colour to jazz up your look, hair stencilling is certainly the most beautiful way to stand out from... Read More

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Is Your Salon Summer Ready? ☀️

  It’s official – summer has arrived! 😎 And with the final emergence of the summer sun comes an ever-growing list of client needs. Whether it’s an influx of clients needing to wax themselves to summer-readiness or that fashion-conscious client wanting the hottest hair and nail colour trends, all salons need to prepare for the coming months. Fortunately for you, we’ve created a buyer’s guide detailing what we at Adel think are some of this summer’s must-have products for all manner of salons. We’ve even listed prices and given you links to... Read More