August 2016

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EIMI Styling Essentials

  Here at Adel, we’re all about creating enviable texture and gravity-defying volume – that’s why we’re absolutely loving EIMI styling essentials. ❤ This amazing collection allows you to provide touchable, long-lasting styles tailored to your clients’ needs – whether it’s refreshing tired hair, delivering expert texture or adding that finishing hold, Wella has the solution!       Create awesome textured styles with EIMI Rugged Fix – available online for just £6.87 (ex. VAT).       EIMI Perfect Me BB Lotion expertly protects and nourishes your client’s hair for... Read More


Top 10 Hair Dye Fails Which Prove We Need Hairdressers!

We all know they’re out there – the box-dyers, the DIY highlighters and the home-schooled ombre ‘experts’ – and we’ve all seen the usually drastic outcomes. 🙈 We’ve found 10 of the worst DIY hair dye fails that prove why going to your wonderful professional is the only option! 😊   1: We can’t actually tell if this is an ombre attempt gone bad or the worst example of mismatched hair extensions in existence. 😳     2: Can’t decide between 2 different, outrageously vibrant colours – why not both?! 🙈     3: Speaking... Read More


Disney Nail Art to Make Your Inner Child Happy

Following the release of Disney Pixar’s ‘Finding Dory’ (still can’t contain our excitement 😁) loads of us are embracing our inner children in a celebration of all things Disney! Whether it’s movie marathons, unnecessary purchases or bursting into Disney songs on the spur of the moment (apologies to any unsuspecting passersby: that was totally us 😏) Disney is something the vast majority of us will never outgrow.   And that doesn’t stop when it comes to beauty regimes! We’ve found some of the absolute best Disney-inspired nail art that you’ll need... Read More