September 2016


Totally Bizarre Hair Curling Hacks

  By now we know there’s always going to be someone out there who refuses to use conventional methods to achieve their desired look. Just in case investing in a set of curling tongs or a ceramic wand isn’t the simplest option (we fail to see how this is true!), these adventurous ladies have come up with truly bizarre hacks for glamorous curls using the strangest everyday objects… 😕 😆     Got any odd socks lying around? No problem! Put them to use as makeshift curling ties…apparently. 😖     Leftover balloons... Read More

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New Autumn Arrivals!

  Pack away those bikinis and dig out those jumpers –  it’s officially autumn! ☔️ To help everyone through this trying transition, we’re showing you just how amazing autumn can be with a selection of our favourite brand new seasonal product ranges.     Orly Mulholland Fall Collection It’s here! This year’s fall collection by Orly is the classiest yet. Inspired by the glitz and glam of Hollywood, the Mulholland range includes the perfect shades for the new season.  Mulholland is available to purchase in EPIX form through the website now (don’t... Read More


Weird And Wonderful Contouring Trends

  As with all beauty trends, contouring and highlighting is really being pushed to its limit! From the absolutely stunning to the downright weird, these takes on the incredibly popular trend are certainly something to behold…   1. So thermal highlighting is a thing, you know, just in case you want to mimic scientific body thermal scanning in your beauty routine. 😕   2. Weird as it might seem, it is totally beautiful:   3: We really wanted to hate rainbow/unicorn highlighting (seriously, who is wearing this?!) but it’s just so dang amazing! 😱... Read More


New Gellux Chameleon Collection

  Ever get those clients who just want something a bit different? Well the brand new Gellux Chameleon range is the thing for them (and you)! 😊 The unique heat-responsive formula of these new Gellux gel polishes transforms the colour of any mani/pedi dependent on temperature. 😯 Specifically designed using complimentary shades, Chameleon gel polishes offer 2 colours in one – 2 full colours and a split look depending on body and external temperatures.  All Gellux Gel Polishes put the simplicity back in mani/pedi services, brushing on like a polish but wearing... Read More


9 Reasons Why Grey Ombré is the One! ❤

  So we fully accept these days that grey hair is a thing of outstanding beauty. 😍 But now grey ombré is totally a thing and it’s even more amazing than we thought it could be! 😮 👏 Here are our 9 reasons why grey ombré is utterly perfect:     1: It can be super subtle 👌     2: Or a dazzling showstopper ✨ 🌟     3: It looks amazing down 😯     4: And just as great up 😍     5: It’s beautiful braided 🙌     6: Or in a half-up, half-down 👍... Read More