Getting In Gear For Summer Wedding Season ♥




As the ever-popular summer wedding season approaches, we all need to ensure we’re ready for the mad rush. No last-minute purchases or haphazard treatments, Adel want to make sure your salon is the place to be this wedding season. 






Humidity Horror

Humidity Horror

The Perfect Do For Saying ‘I Do’


Everyone wants to stand out on their wedding day, but not for the wrong reasons…


The hairstyle you provide could make or break your client’s day, so don’t let her down (unless she’s after a natural, hair-down look)!


To make sure you give your bridal client a beautiful style for her big day, Adel have a couple of expert training courses specifically tailored to wedding hairstyles, to help you hone your techniques and become a wedding hair guru. 😀




Simply Gorgeous

Simply Gorgeous



Styling is obviously the star of the wedding hair show, but don’t forget to stock up on essentials. There’s nothing worse than getting started on a killer do and realising grip levels are critical, or preparing to add the finishing touches and noticing a dangerously low supply of hairspray. 


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Keep stocked up with all your essential grips and sprays this summer!



Flawless Finishes


No. 1 makeup priority for most brides these days is a set of gorgeous lashes.


Beauty may be everything the bride is after, but we know durability is the key! No half-on-half-off lashes in wedding pictures, or eroding glue from excessive weeping – stocking up on good quality lashes and adhesives is essential this summer wedding season.


Check out our range of Naturalash false eyelashes for natural beauty…


…Or if your client really wants to stand out from the crowd, our Couture Collection from

Lash FX offers extra dazzling sparkle!



Most brides punt for subtlety when it comes to bridal makeup…


Please...not this

Please…not this



Neutral tones and mild glitters add glamour to natural beauty, suitable for all wedding types. If you want to refresh your makeup skills, check out Adel’s Airbase training course to give your bride that flawless, airbrushed glow on her special day.



Natural Beauty by Airbase

Natural Beauty by Airbase



Neutral Nails


Stunning nails are also a must-have. Most brides go for a natural, french-tip style so make sure your salon is stocked up with plenty of essential acrylics. The NSI Acrylic Nails Kit has everything you could possibly need, or if a shed-load of artificial nails is all you’re after, these super-strong durable tips are ideal.


Natural-looking nails are the bee’s knees, but why not liven up the neutrals with some added sparkle or shine. Here are a few ideas for special shimmering nails  – using one of our favourite brands – that you can recreate for your blushing brides.




Create this two-tone look with Orly Halo and the aptly-named Kiss The Bride.




For rose-kissed nails, try Beautifully Bizarre from the new Orly Melrose Collection.




Recreate this beautiful neutral pink & silver glitter style with Orly Pure Porcelain and Tiara polishes.



These are just a few of our suggestions, but check out our extensive range of Orly lacquers, gels and gel polishes to invent your own creations!



Top Tips


In the lead-up to summer wedding season…

  • Keep your salon stocked with essentials and luxury touches.
  • Make sure your beauticians are the best of the best.
  • Most importantly, keep being salon superstars!


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