Hair Bare: What’s all the Fuzz About?

One of the latest brands to arrive at Adel Professional, Hair Bare Professional‘s innovative hair removal and skincare treatment is quickly causing a buzz in the beauty and aesthetics industry. Offering a relaxing, pain-free, long-term removal of hair in 1 relaxing service, get to know the amazing treatment and see how this could benefit your business!

About Hair Bare

Hair Bare Professional was developed by industry professional, Julie Jacobs French, and her team of experts after noticing a niche in the market for a hair removal system that would provide long-term reduction of blonde vellus and fine dark hairs. With almost 30 years of experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry, Julie has worked and trained on some of the most cutting-edge, advanced treatments in the industry which gave her the expertise and inspiration to develop this unique brand.

As women have become more conscious of fine hairs on the face, Hair Bare was created to allow women to have a smooth, fuzz-free face with absolutely no pain. What’s more, Hair Bare isn’t just a facial treatment, but can be used on the body where unwanted hairs can be safely and effectively removed.

How Does Hair Bare Work?

Each product in the Hair Bare regime has been expertly curated to work in harmony with one another for the purpose of long-term hair removal. But how does this work?

The unique system uses a concentrated alkaline Remove & Smooth Powder which gently raises the pH of the skin, breaking down the hair protein to effectively dissolve hairs. Mixed with water, the professional formula penetrates deeply within the skin, reaching the underlying hair follicle to disable production, meaning hairs will grow back shorter and at a much slower rate.

The alkaline powder also breaks down the protein of the skin, providing deep exfoliation that works to reduce scarring, pigmentation, acne, in-growing hair and wrinkles. Skin is left smooth and hair-free with a brighter complexion and air-brushed look.

With no need for razors, blades, or lasers, Hair Bare is especially effective on vellus hair on the face which lasers and IPL can’t treat. It is also a great pre-treatment for clients undergoing microcurrent, galvanic or radio frequency treatments.

Hair Bare Range

Remove & Smooth Hair Removal Powder – the key to instant hair removal, this alkaline powder penetrates deep within the hair follicle to dissolve and remove the hair. It also works as a fabulous exfoliator to smooth the skin and reveal a bright, even complexion.

Calming Spritz – sprayed directly onto the Remove & Smooth Powder, this antioxidant spritz pushes the product deeper into the skin to damage germinative cells, slowing down the rate of hair regrowth.

Balance Me Neutralising Foamer – this glycolic-based cleanser restores skin’s natural pH levels after hair removal, smoothing and illuminating the skin.

Stop It Hair Reduction Cream – this deeply moisturising lotion with Aloe Vera and Allantoin weakens hair formation in the follicle, gradually reducing hair density and length.

Protect You Mineral Spray – an essential finish to any skincare treatment or daily regime, this mineral spray protects skin against damage caused by UV rays.

Why Hair Bare?

Unlike other forms of hair removal, Hair Bare’s pain-free treatment allows for an all-round relaxing experience with incredible skincare benefits. This system can be used as a standalone hair removal service or as part of a rejuvenating facial treatment. Check out more amazing benefits below:

Hair Bare Training

Do you want to provide this innovative treatment for your clients? At Adel Academy, we offer in-depth training into the art of a full and professional Hair Bare service. All of our experienced educators have received first-hand training from Julie Jacobs French herself and will confidently guide you through detailed product knowledge, demonstrations, and practical sessions so you will leave with all the skills needed to start a Hair Bare revolution in your business!

Entry requirements: NVQ Level 2 or equivalent in beauty; the Hair Bare Professional Kit must be purchased in order to train with us.

Accreditations: CPD Certification Service & Cosmetic Insure

Price: £150 ex. VAT

Professional Kit (required): £250 ex. VAT

Course Price + Kit: £350 ex. VAT (save £50 on training when you purchase the professional kit!)

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