Is Your Salon Summer Ready? ☀️


It’s official – summer has arrived! 😎 And with the final emergence of the summer sun comes an ever-growing list of client needs. Whether it’s an influx of clients needing to wax themselves to summer-readiness or that fashion-conscious client wanting the hottest hair and nail colour trends, all salons need to prepare for the coming months.

Fortunately for you, we’ve created a buyer’s guide detailing what we at Adel think are some of this summer’s must-have products for all manner of salons. We’ve even listed prices and given you links to buying pages (we’re just too good to you 😉 )

For most people, the summer months mean one thing and one thing only – summer holidays! ☀️ But to be fully prepared for strutting their stuff on the beaches of Mauritius of Magaluf (we don’t judge!) every client needs a bit of help from all you wonderful professionals.




No one feels beach-ready until they’ve had themselves an expert waxing sesh, and we’ve got just the trick. Just Wax (our all-time favourite waxing brand) have an extensive collection of all manner of waxes, soothing creams and refills, but our top picks are the Soft Wax trio and the Flexiwax Beads.

Just Wax’s Soft Wax is a salon must-have. Made with luxurious honey, this one combines all the waxing essentials: effective hair removal, gentle formula and a gorgeous smell. Thanks to the soft consistency, this ultra versatile wax can be used on all areas and all skin types – no matter how sensitive your client’s skin – but doesn’t scrimp on impressive effects. We know everyone loves a deal, so with this Soft Wax 3 pack you not only get an expert product, but you even get one free! (told you we were great to you 😏)

Just Wax Soft Wax 3 Pack – £11.60 ex. VAT



Want to save time in your busy summer schedule? Then Just Wax Flexiwax is the one for you. Available in lavender and tea tree fragrances (we think tea tree is slightly more refreshing for summer) these wax beads become super pliable when melted meaning there’s absolutely no need for waxing strips, saving you valuable time and money. Thanks to this expert formula, the wax firmly grips even the shortest hairs for an incredibly smooth result.

Just Wax Flexiwax Tea Tree – £9.50 ex. VAT





Most people don’t like to wait until they’re already on holiday to begin developing their beautiful summer glow – we don’t want to blind the locals with our pasty, pale bodies.😂 Help your clients on their way with a variety of our favourite tanning solutions.

We know we’ve been banging on about it before (see our Scunthorpe Demo Day Blog) but we absolutely love the Express Spray Tan by Crazy Angel.  This miracle formula delivers an unbeatable tan in next to no time, drying in a matter of minutes (great for you busy lot). Not only is it perfect for the professional, but its even better for the clients – thanks to this incredible stuff, clients can wash off their tan any time between 2 and 4 hours after treatment to create their optimum level of golden beauty. This means no need to buy all sorts of different intensity tans, Crazy Angel Express does it all!

Crazy Angel Express Spray Tan – £8.75 ex. VAT

Lots of people want to top up their tans at home, and for that, you’ll need to have the best tanning lotions for retail in your salon. For that, we have a couple of suggestions.

For clients wanting to build up their tan, stock up on Crazy Angel’s beautiful Golden Tease Gradual Tanning Lotion. This versatile formula offers more tentative clients the chance to control their tan, gradually building for a natural glow while also providing those more daring, already tanned clients the option to develop their tan further at home.

Crazy Angel Golden Tease Gradual Tan – £5.60 ex. VAT


For those clients who can’t bear to lose their glow between professional tans, Adel recommend our outstanding collection of Fiesta Sun tanning lotions. Our favourite summer pick is Citrus Splash – not least of all because of its amazing summery scent. This silky lotion not only delivers a deep, olive colour, but its dual formula also includes a tingle-activator to leave skin feeling perfectly firm and toned. 😮 Completely ready for that bikini!

Fiesta Sun Citrus Splash – £7.00 ex. VAT





You may have heard about a little wonder range from TIGI Bed Head called ‘The Beach is Back’? Well, we are firm believers that no hair salon should go without this amazing haircare range this summer!

Perfect for salon use and as retail options for your clients, this collection comprises everything you need to restore and protect your clients’ hair from the effects of summer. We all know summer holidays can be a beach for your hair (can’t stop using beach-related puns, thanks TIGI) so offer a revitalising and nourishing solution with the Jelly Shampoo and After Sun Conditioner. These two work to cleanse the hair of summer-specific impurities (sand, salt, sweat…we all know the feeling) and actively lock in moisture to protect the hair from sun damage and colour fading.

Totally Beachin’ Jelly Shampoo – £6.50 ex. VAT

Totally Beachin’ Mellow After Sun Conditioner – £7.30 ex. VAT

This range also includes 2 outstanding sprays for even more protection. The Beach Bound spray is an all round superstar for coloured hair, fighting against damage caused by heat styling, UV rays and humidity for beautifully moisturised hair that shimmers and shines all summer long.

And there’ll be no more battling windswept, tangled hair thanks to the Beach Freak Detangling Spray which keeps hair nourished and manageable, no matter the weather.

Beach Bound Protection Spray – £7.99 ex. VAT

Beach Freak Detangling Spray – £7.99 ex. VAT

Oh, and we forgot, they all smell AMAZING! 😍


If you’ve heard about TIGI Totally Beachin’ range, you must be in the loop about the new Igora ColorWorx collection by Schwarzkopf Professional? Yes? – in that case, you know just how incredible it really is!

Out-there hair colours are really on-trend this year, so we know clients are going to want to show off their latest vibrant hair creations in various summer destinations. Lots of clients are torn between vibrant colours and more subtle pastel shades, but that’s nothing to worry about with ColorWorx direct dyes whose ultra-intense colours can be used as they are, combined with one another, or expertly mixed with the White Diluter for the perfect pastel look. These impressive dyes can be applied directly and last up to 20 washes (plenty of time if your client wants to flaunt their awesome rainbow or aquatic coloured hair on the beach).

ColorWorx Direct Dyes – £8.25 ex. VAT





The colour of your hair isn’t all that matters while your sunning it up abroad (or perhaps desperately trying to catch a bit of sun on the British coastline) – the perfect summer manicure is also a must-have.

Put away those dark and dreary shades and stock up on the most seasonal vibrant and pastel colours.

Everyone knows the best part about getting an awesome nail tech to work their magic on your nails is the durability and amazing shine their products offer, so make sure you’re stocking the best long-lasting gel polishes there are. Our collection of Gellux Gel Polishes cure in 30 seconds and their incredible high shine lasts for over a fortnight (the perfect time for most holiday goers). Have a look at some of our favourite summer Gellux colours. 💅

Gellux Gel Polish  – £11.95 ex. VAT


Butterfly Blue

Orange Fever

Orange Fever

Red Hot Crimson











Our all time fave gel polish has to be IBD’s Just Gel. Curing in next to no time and offering a long-lasting mirror shine, these gel polishes are perfect for anyone wanted the best quality mani/pedi before they hit the beach. We traipsed through all 114 gel polish colours to offer a selection of our favourite summer shades! (you’re welcome 😊)

IBD Just Gel Polish – £9.50 ex. VAT




My Babe

My Babe



Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay























And there you have it, Adel’s top picks for every salon this summer! Any products you’d want to add? We’d love to hear what they are – leave us a comment or let us know on Facebook! 😄



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