Our Latest Obsession – Hair Stencilling! ❤


Thought glitter roots was the craziest and prettiest hair trend you’d ever seen? Well look and think again! Hair stencilling is officially a thing and we can’t get enough! 😍

Made popular by artist and innovative hair stylist, Janine Ker, this unique method of hair colouring involves using stencils (believe it or not) to apply colour to hair in the most incredible patterns. 😮 Whether you want a permanently artistic do or are after some temporary colour to jazz up your look, hair stencilling is certainly the most beautiful way to stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few of our favourite stencilled looks by Janine Ker and other hair stencilling maestros – hopefully we can give you all some hair inspo for your clients. 😄



This bob with geometric colours might be the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. CoolColor anyone?



And this floral work defies artistic expectations 😮



How adorable are these polka dots? We reckon ColorWorx Direct Dyes would completely own this look! 👍



Vibrant dyes can add a touch of drama to all hair…



Or why not play with classic colours for a naturally beautiful style?



This lace-effect hair might be the classiest thing ever 😍



And we just can’t get enough of the 70s-inspired florals…



…Seriously 💜



Worried updos would ruin the effect? Wrong!



The intensity of these colours is killing us! 😵

Hold on while we stock up on La Riches Directions to recreate this…



This dream-catcher hair proves it; we must be dreaming! 💤



Wrong again –  we just LOVE this trend! ❤



Have you tried hair stencilling before? Or would you love to give it a go? Let us know in the comments box or on our Facebook page what patterns you’d choose to try out this awesome craze. 😁




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