Top 15 Awe-Inspiring Beards


Who knew that beards would still be so on trend? 😮 Not that we’re complaining – we never want it to end! From lion’s manes to dainty handlebars, our beard/moustache adoration grows stronger every day. ❤

As a public appreciation of all things rugged and hairy, please enjoy these 15 awesome examples of truly impressive commitment to facial hair.


1: This is one high fashion farmer!



2: Rocking the ‘fro from head to…chin:



3: We might have found the perfect curl – thanks moustache wax!



4: Absolutely slaying us, Tom.



5: The ultimate lumberjack experience 👌



6: This Van Gogh lookalike embraces the true artistry of the beard.



7: Who knew bushy could be so neat?! He must be a secret Tangle Tamer lover!



8: We wish our dads were as cool as Alessandro Manfredini 😎  (sorry pops).



9: This beautiful man must bathe in Orofluido Argan Oil 😍



10: Real men wear knitted jumpers (and have awesome beards).



11: This is sheer styling perfection 😮



12: Serving hipster-vampire-chic:



13: Jared Leto: proof that beards are utterly stunning.



14: No one knows pride like this bushy-faced hero!



15: Forget the Gandalf beard; classic Sir Ian is the winner in our books! 👍



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