Top 6 Extreme Christmas Hairdos! 🎄


From wearing festive jumpers to listening to those Christmas CDs on repeat, no one can resist embracing the Christmas spirit! ❄️ 🎅🏻

These 6 people have taken those festivities one step further by creating some of the most extreme Christmas hairdos we’ve ever seen! 


1: Why stop at putting up a Christmas tree at home when you can wear one around all day?!


2: Apparently this has been quite a trend over the years! These two are totally rocking (around) their Christmas tree dos! 😆 🎄


3: Can’t detangle those fairy lights? No problem – they’ll make the perfect addition to today’s look. 👍 ✨ 


4: This lovely lady is serving up all kinds of festive realness with this incredible bouffant! 😅


5: Don’t worry fellas, your bauble beards are getting us all in the Christmas spirit too! 👌 🎅🏻


6: Taking the human Christmas tree to a whole new level! 🌟 Festive winner right here! 🎄 👌 🎅🏻




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