We ❤ Diva Micro Stick


Clients always want to be a part of the latest hair trends, and the crazy-tight curls coming into style this season are no exception. For all those clients who want the most enviable, stand-out-from-the-crowd do, the fab new Diva Micro Stick is the product your salon needs! 😍



This incredible tool transforms even the flattest hair into awesome curls that just won’t quit. The ultra-thin 10mm barrel means you can create super-tight curls that last until your client decides to wash them out – a miracle tool for hair that has a tendency to fall and lose style.

Like most Diva Pro styling tools, the Micro Stick features a ceramic barrel infused with all the good stuff – Keratin, Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil – meaning you don’t have to splash out on extra products! 👍 There’s no need for preparation heat sprays, shine sprays, or even hairspray (unless your client wants an even more intense look), Micro Stick not only creates the most impressive curls around, but it does so with a beautiful mirror-shine for nourished, healthy-looking locks. No wonder it’s the hottest new styling tool (literally, Diva Micro Stick can be used at up to 210°C 😮 ).




Micro Stick is as simple to use as it is effective.

Heating up in a matter of seconds with variable heat settings, simply wrap small sections of hair around the barrel (obviously not burning yourself thanks to the cool tip) hold for a second or two and there you have it: a sleek and stylish spiral curl!

Admittedly it might take a fair amount of time to do a whole head of hair (depending on length and thickness, our intel at Diva recommends leaving up to an hour for an appointment), but it really is worth it to see the full effect. 👌

However, the Micro Stick doesn’t have to be used for a full-head effect. Why not cut appointment times by using it as an updo tool, styling pony tails or adding classy curls to beautiful buns.



We’ve been lucky enough to see this magical wand in action by a professional (see the pics on our Scunthorpe Demo Day Blog), but we’d love to see any of your Micro Stick hairstyle creations! Why not share them with us in the comments box or on our Facebook page. 😊  


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