Why We ♥ Guy Tang

Guy Tang is a phenomenal celebrity hairstylist based in West Hollywood, whose dedication to caring and creative hairdressing is truly inspiring. He was a hit at Salon International 2015 in London, and his popularity continues internationally, with a strong following online.

Here at Adel we love Guy’s work, and thought we’d share the reasons why we think he’s a stylist to keep an eye out for in 2016…



  • Incredible hair inspo.




Looking through Guy’s Twitter or Instagram accounts submerges you in so much hair inspiration it’s difficult to know what to do with all of it – so many colours, combinations, cuts and techniques, from balayage and multi-colour ombre to the latest gadgets and colour collections. The results in Guy’s photos are each a labour of love, and looking through them is experiencing an impressive portfolio of colours and styles.



  • He’s a fierce colour activist.



Guy has shown time and time again that anyone can have gorgeous fantasy colours in their style and make it work for them. He’s passionate about sharing the idea that high fashion hair can involve vibrant and offbeat colours. He also knows that no colour is off limits if you have the drive and the know-how.

A great example of this is the video for Blue Green Ombre Hair on his YouTube channel, Tang’s love letter to the colour green:

“Think Emerald City, think the forest, think mermaid, jade, beautiful rich tones. Peacock, for god’s sake peacock!”




  • He’s got the metallic look down.




Plus those braids are incredible, these ladies look like intergalactic princesses.



  • Ditto pastels.




‘California Gurls’ era Katy Perry eat your heart out.



  • Double ditto rainbow colours.




Question is, when is he going to release a colour line that tastes like the rainbow too?



  • He’s not afraid to experiment and see what happens.



Guy’s videos with YouTube personality SuperMaryFace are addictive, because her styles are always out of this world. It’s refreshing to see how experimental Guy is when it comes to the colouring process, and he’s not afraid to show when things turn out in unexpected ways, like when the green removed with a colour remover then returns with bleaching!

Here is his video creating ‘Cyber Punk’ hair with SuperMaryFace:

#ParanormalHairtivity anyone?



  • His YouTube videos are really entertaining.




As well as informative, of course. Why not have a laugh while learning all the steps of balayage? Guy is bursting with energy and humour, and his clients clearly have a blast too. You can watch his videos here.



  • We’re all his Hair Besties.



Guy has a really active presence on Twitter, and he’s always encouraging fellow stylists to get in touch, get involved, enter competitions and learn something new. It’s a great motivator to see someone so driven and passionate about what they do, and when it comes to hair Guy is an inspiration to watch.


Who are your hair and beauty inspirations? Let us know in the comments!

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