COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Update


Following the announcement of a further national lockdown, please note that all Adel Professional stores will be closed from 5th January until further notice. You are still able to shop with us online where our web support team will be doing everything they can to service your needs.

All Adel Academy Training Courses have unfortunately been cancelled until March at the earliest. If you have a course booked with us in this timeframe, your Training Venue will be in touch to discuss your options.

More updates to follow.


Please see our latest COVID-19 Policy for all areas of the business below.


At Adel Professional the safety of our colleagues and customers is paramount. In line with the Government’s guidelines in relation to working safely in shops and branches, as a business, we have put together a risk assessment for each of our sites. A copy of each of these assessments is shown in each relevant site. Following these assessments we have put together the following policy to take immediate effect.


Store Sites


·         All Stores have invoked strict social distancing measures including


o   One way systems in stores with clear social distancing signs.

o   Floor stickers for queuing near the till.

o   A maximum amount of people for each size store has been determined.

o   A safe queuing system outside each branch away from car parking spaces.


·         Increased hygiene measures including:


o   Safety screens for the cashier.

o   Face coverings/visors recommended for all store staff.

o   A sanitising station at the front of each store to clean hands & trolleys/baskets.

o   Staff have been instructed to wash regularly and wear gloves when accepting deliveries from our warehouse & external deliveries.

o   Clean down of each working station every hour.


·         Staff will be temperature tested on entering the workplace

·        Where possible we have limited the staff members allowed on site at any one time & paired them up together to minimise cross contamination.

·         Non-essential visitors are not allowed on the premises till further notice.


Head Office


·         All non-critical meetings will not take place. If an urgent meeting is to take place, social distancing measures have been put in place.

   Staff have been instructed to wash regularly and wear gloves when accepting any external mail.

   Employees with the ability to work from home have been offered this option – those in the office environment have been socially distanced.


Central Warehouse

  • Warehouse personnel have been isolated with the following rules:

        o No store visits unless business critical

 No office visit unless business critical

o   All communication via phone/email

o   If needed to be in stores or office, staff are not to make contact with any store members/customers or reps – the 2m rule must be fully observed at all times.


·         Increased hygiene measures including:


o   Face coverings/visors available for staff if necessary.

o   Staff have been instructed to wash regularly and wear gloves when accepting deliveries from our stores & external deliveries.


·         Social distancing measures have been put in place to reduce risk of cross contamination


All Sites 

  • Staff and visitors are not to shake hands or physically greet in any way such as hugging and kissing.
  • Clean down of each touch point every 4 hours.
  • All staff are to use and clean their own utensils.
  • Any utensils used in store will be washed after each use and not left unattended. 
  • All reusable towels to be removed and single use disposable towels/bed roll to be used.
  • All toilet/ washing facilities and shared work surfaces to be cleaned daily with strongest possible cleaning agent. 
  • Gloves to be worn when handling deliveries in and out of the store to avoid passing any infection from store to store.



Training Academies


Our Training academies will re-open on the 1st August in all stores. This area of our business has been given its own Risk Assessment in order to comply with the Government’s guidelines in relation to the working safely in shops & branches document & keeping workers and clients safe during COVID-19 in close contact services document.  A copy of the Risk Assessment can be found in each Academy with the main points highlighted below:


·         All academies have increased hygiene measures including:


o   Mandatory face visors/goggles and 2 ply masks for all practical work provided by Adel Professional.

o   A sanitising station in each Academy.

o   Educators & students to wash regularly & wipe down stations every hour.

o   Single/disposable tools where possible

o   All other tools disinfected using the appropriate products between each student


·         Social Distancing Measures


o   All desks for theory parts of the sessions will be spaced 2m apart

o   Lower class numbers to allow for social distancing:

- Hull: 4

- Scunthorpe: 4 (Maximum of 2 for Body Massage and Waxing)

- Doncaster: 4

- Sheffield: 4

- Derby: 4

- Huddersfield 4

- Bradford: 2

- Halifax: 2

- Louth: 2

- Barnsley: 4

- Leeds: 4


·         Student Guidelines


o   Temperature tested on arrival

o   There will be no waiting areas – students are requested to arrive on time

o   Arrive with minimal belongings.

o   Mobile phones should be stored out of the way during the course to reduce additional touch points

o   No snacks or lunches will be provided

o   Hot and cold drinks will be provided in disposable cups

o   Student contact information will be kept on record for 21 days for the government test & trace programme - students must scan in the QR code when entering the Academy.


Field Sales Personnel


From 1st August our Field Sales personnel who are currently back in the business will be able to visit salons by appointment only. They will adhere to strict social distancing measures & will be wearing masks/visors and we will ask you to do the same.


Customer Guidelines


·         If you have any of the following symptoms, please do not enter the store:

o   High temperature

o   Continuous Cough

o   Loss of Taste & Smell 


  • All customers are required to wear a face covering.
  • Follow all signage laid out & social distancing measures that have been put in place.
  • Customers to shop alone where possible. No group shopping allowed.
  • For customers with small children we ask that they maintain responsibility for their social distancing rule.
  • Use contactless/card payments as a preferred choice of payment.
  • Touch less where you can – pick up only when you intend to buy.
  • Coffee and tea facilities have been suspended until further notice
  • Our toilets will be for staff use only until further notice
  • Customer Shade Guides will be removed to avoid cross contamination.
  • Purchasing limits - to ensure there is enough for everyone, we have placed purchase limits on certain products that are in high demand. A full list can be obtained in store.

Last updated 4th November 2020.