Fun Florals: Nail Art Designs for Spring









Floral French Tips

Your client’s confidence will truly blossom with a gorgeous floral French manicure. Whether you leave it simple and chic or add glitter and decals, these stylish and fresh floral tips are perfect for Spring. This colourful, sparkling design from NailsAt2AM is one of our favourite examples!



Create the look with NSI Misa lacquers:

Misa First Kiss

First Kiss

Misa Double Date

Double Date

Misa Let's Go Green

Let’s Go Green

Misa Gold Rush Nail Art Pen

Gold Rush Pen












For extra sparkle check out these Glitter Rhinestones.




Vintage Roses

A timeless favourite in floral design nails, a vintage-inspired rose pattern suits many clients as you can use a range of pinks, reds and peaches, or in combination with other designs such as the roses and polka dots combo painted by blogger Sparrow Nails.



Create the look with smudging-free Orly EPIX flexible polish:


Know Your Angle

Orly EPIX Premier


Orly EPIX Beautifully Bizarre

Beautifully Bizarre

Orly EPIX Hip & Outlandish

Hip & Outlandish

Orly EPIX Overexposed













For intricate designs try the Gel Polish Brush.




The sunflower is a beautiful alternative to more traditional pink and red nail art flowers – yellow is an excellent colour pop for clients wanting something a bit different! We love how blogger CopycatClaws has paired bright yellow with a sparkling blue base.

Sunflower Nail Art
Create this look with Orly lacquers:

Orly Lemonade Yellow Polish


Orly Prince Charming Brown Nail Polish

Prince Charming

Orly Highlight Grey Polish


Orly It's Up To Blue Polish

It’s Up To Blue













Lacquer nail art can be applied easily with an NSI HD Nail Art Brush.





Retro 70s Floral

Time to break out those oranges and browns! These cute 1970s wallpaper-inspired flowers are sure to be a hit with vintage design lovers.

Here’s which colours you can use for Orly Gel FX:

gel fx melt your popsicle

Melt Your Popsicle

gel fx white tips

White Tips

gel fx sashay my way

Sashay My Way











These Gel FX colours are cured quickly under the Salon System Gellux LED Lamp.




Floral Accent

For clients who want a more subtle flower-themed manicure, a floral accent nail can be a great choice. This simple and stylish design from the blog Chalkboard Nails caught our eye as an excellent example of a beautiful accent nail on a plainer base colour.



Try these Misa colours to recreate the look:

Misa Honey Bunch Polish

Honey Bunch

Misa Poppy Dreams Polish

Poppy Dreams

Misa Relax Don't Do It Nail Art Pen

Relax Don’t Do It











Misa Ready Set Sunshine Polish

Ready Set Sunshine

Misa Grass Is Greener On My Side Polish

Grass Is Greener On My Side

Heaven White (For Mixing)

Heaven White (For Mixing)











For a matte finish on this look try the Orly Matte FX Top Coat.



Colour Riot

A burst of beautiful colours is a great way to help your clients celebrate the arrival of the Spring sunshine! We love this colourful abstract floral design:




Try this look with Orly EPIX:


Orly EPIX Overexposed


Orly EPIX Cameo


Orly EPIX Headliner













Orly EPIX The Blacklist

The Blacklist

Orly EPIX Casting Couch

Casting Couch

Orly EPIX Vintage













The EPIX range of flexible gel effect polishes should be used with the EPIX Flexible Sealcoat.







Floral French Tips:

Vintage Roses:


Retro Floral:

Floral Accent:

Colour Riot:

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