The Hottest Denim Hair Looks


Move over silver… step aside rainbow hair… Denim Hair is the new colour trend for 2016!

Taking inspiration from the material that has been rocking the fashion world since the 50s, the Denim Hair trend includes everything from stonewash and blue-grey to deep indigo and bright navy tones.

Pioneering denim hair stylist Adam Reed describes this look as ‘a wearable, on-trend palette’, and there certainly is a Denim look to suit every client, whether they’re an adventurous creative colour veteran or want to step into the unnatural colour trend for the first time.


If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve picked some key denim looks with photo examples and suggest which colour systems you can use to achieve the perfect result.



Denim Balayage

Balayage is the gorgeous colour placement technique that took the hairdressing world by storm last year, and Denim Balayage is a combo sure to please clients wanting an updated, fashionable look. Where better to find inspiration than the King of Balayage, Guy Tang?! Tang uses Igora Royal Pearlescence colours to achieve this gorgeous multi-tonal metallic denim look. See how it turns out in the video below.

The denim Balayage in the photos above was created by Rebecca Monsour from the Cleo Salon in California. It also goes from silver-grey in the front to icey blue in the back – truly HD colour!

Not sure how to do Balayage? Head over to our Training Courses page to find the relevant courses. For more hair inspo from Guy Tang, check out our ‘Why We <3 Guy Tang’ blog post!





The ever-so-trendy stonewashed texture can now go on your hair as well as your jeans! Where you take this style is up to your interpretation, but the stonewashed look is a great way to inject silvery-blue tones into light and bleached hair.


This Denim Balayage by US hair stylist Hailey Mahone gives a ‘Stonewash’ look due to the use of silver and ash blonde tones as well as the all-important beautiful blues.


This colour swatch for ‘Stonewash’ has been created by Percy & Reed stylist Adam Reed with L’Oreal Professionnel Luocolor. For more information see L’Oreal’s page on Denim Hair.




For a less permanent commitment to the Stonewash look, you could add a semi-permanent blue to the grey and ash blonde tones – for example the pastel Organic & Mineral Ocean Blue or Directions Midnight Blue with a toner.





Iridescent Denim

A bolder take on the Denim Hair trend, this ‘Iridescent Denim’ look was created by Tanya Ramirez of the Untamed Instincts salon in LA.

Ramirez describes the look as using:

“A darker denim base with lighter blue and teal peek-a-boo underlights.”









Steely Grey-Blue















This soft, grey-tone Denim colour is a natural progression from the silver/grey trend.

For a warmer tone palette, on the left is a gorgeous lavender denim look by stylist Katie Minalga from Theory Hair Salon in Montana. On the right is a silvery blue, pale denim look created by Texturstudio in Toronto.






Deep Indigo

The Indigo denim option adds a subtle and attractive warm tone dimension, even on naturally cool tones, and doesn’t require bleach to work.

This incredible example was created by Adam Reed on beauty blogger Zoe London, in his own custom blend Luocolor ‘Indigo’ swatch.

See the video below for inspiration on the Indigo look.



Midnight Ink


The final Denim swatch created by Adam Reed in partnership with L’Oreal, called ‘Midnight Ink’, is a lusciously dark tone perfect for use on naturally dark colours without bleaching. On the Blue/Black end of the colour spectrum, the Midnight Ink look is great on a variety of skin tones as the cool pigment won’t ‘wash out’ pale skin and complements darker tones.


Teal Denim Mix
















For something a bit more ‘out there’ colour wise, adding a touch of green gives a gorgeously unusual teal denim tone! For inspiration, check out this sleek style from the Tokyo Fashion website.


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