10 tips for successful salon waxing

Leg, underarm, bikini, or Brazilian, so much goes into creating the perfect professional waxing experience for your clients. Here at Adel, we’ve compiled our 10 top waxing tips to make sure you and your clients are getting the most out of your waxing treatments. From stocking your professional waxing kit with the very best products, to refreshing and honing your techniques, read ahead for our expert waxing tips and tricks!

Professional waxing treatment using pink strip wax

1. Client Consultation

Professional waxing can be a delicate matter – especially for intimate waxing service – so communication is key. Make sure your client is aware of all of the waxing options and how the treatment is carried out so they can make an informed decision. Also use this time to clue yourself up on any contraindications including allergies, infections and skin sensitivities so you can be confident the treatment is right for your client.

2. Prep

As with any professional beauty treatment, preparation is essential for getting the best out of your salon waxing services. Ask your client to prep from home by exfoliating the skin – this will help to remove dead skin cells for easier hair removal, and will prevent ingrown hairs. A point of contention for so many therapists is hair length! There’s nothing worse than a client rocking up to their wax appointment with 1 week’s worth of hair growth. Make sure they are aware of the optimum hair length for removal and maintain regular appointments with no pesky shaving in-between! Bear in mind that some client’s hair will grow back more quickly than others, so monitor treatment times and growth cycles to find the sweet spot for each client. And let’s not forget your in-salon prep. Use a delicate pre-wax cleanser to gently remove body oils for the perfect start to your waxing treatment.

Product Pick: We love the Just Wax Pre-Wax Cleansing Gel – infused with soothing menthol & camphor, it really nourishes and protects the skin.

3. Hygiene

When you’re a seasoned pro, it can be so easy to run on autopilot; but don’t let yourself fall into bad habits! You don’t want your client walking in and seeing your waxing trolley covered in spilled wax with waxing strips and products strewn all over the place. A clean and tidy set up will help to put your client at ease and feel assured they are receiving a hygienic and professional wax. And don’t forget rule number 1: never double dip! Make sure you don’t use the same spatula more than once and always hygienically dispose of each spatula after use. This will keep your wax clean and minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

Product Pick: Just Wax Seraclean is an absolute must-have for easily removing troublesome wax spillages.

4. Temperature

Whether you’re using depilatory strip wax or more pliable hot wax, monitoring the temperature throughout your client’s appointment is so important. Remember that the skin will become more sensitive towards the end of the treatment as it has been exposed for longer, so you might want to drop the temperature slightly. Feel confident in asking your client how the temperature is during their treatment – they are the best equipped to tell you if it’s feeling too hot. You can also check the consistency of your melted wax; if it’s looking a bit too runny, it’s probably too hot for your client to handle.

Product Pick: If you’re worried about temperature, choose a wax with a lower melting point, such as the MONU Hot Wax Beads. This will minimise heat sensation and create a pliable, film texture that adheres perfectly to hair without pulling the skin.

MONU Argan & Karite Hot Wax Beads

5. Technique

One of the best tips for making waxing less painful is to really work on your technique. Thin application, and small sections are your friends! Smoothing your wax on thinly and evenly makes application and removal so much easier. Remember to apply wax in the direction of hair growth and remove against this direction for the best removal – this will also minimise the risk of ingrown hairs forming. Plus, removing a little at a time makes the process much more comfortable for your client. Be mindful about the way you remove wax: stretch the skin taught, especially on areas with folds such as upper thighs, bikini line, and underarms, to minimise discomfort and prevent any bruising.

6. Positioning

Every waxing professional has their own tried and tested methods for the best results, but positioning can make the difference between a fab waxing treatment and an uncomfortable experience. This is especially the case for intimate waxing. Remember that your intimate waxing clients might be feeling nervous or anxious, so reassure them throughout. If you need to flip them over or lift their legs to remove wax from the back, politely ask them to do so making sure you explain why. This will instil confidence in your client that you are a knowledgeable professional and put them at ease.

7. Pressure

Feel the pressure! This is a great waxing tip to minimise client discomfort. Applying a decent amount of pressure with your waxing spatula helps to encapsulate all hairs for improved removal. After you’ve removed the wax, use your hand to firmly apply pressure to the treated area – this will relieve any immediate discomfort.

8. Final touches

You don’t want your client leaving disappointed, so really make sure you’ve got every last hair. You can always go over areas again with some extra wax and then use tweezers to gently remove any strays. Switch up the lighting and angles to make sure no hairs are hiding from you!

9. Aftercare

With waxing, you can fall victim to thinking it’s all about the preparation. But failing to provide the correct aftercare can be just as much of an issue as missing important prep. Apply a soothing lotion immediately after waxing to calm redness and irritation; if your client has particularly sensitive skin, recommend the best moisturisers to use from home, or retail your favourite salon-quality treatment. Talk through post-waxing no-nos such as no hot showers, swimming or vigorous exercise for 24-48 hours as well as pro tips for keeping skin smoother for longer. And make sure they book in their next appointment!

Product Pick: The Sienna X Post-Wax Cooling Creme is one of our favourites! Antibacterial Tea Tree and healing Aloe Vera soothe, cool and hydrate the skin to minimise redness and irritation.

10. Training

There is no better waxing tip than keeping your training up to date! Even if you’re already a master waxer, booking yourself on a professional waxing course helps you refresh your existing knowledge and may even teach you brand new methods and techniques you hadn’t even thought of! Training really can re-energise your team and help boost everyone’s confidence. You might have nailed the basics, but think about advanced waxing courses you could attend to enhance your skills and increase your salon waxing profits. Ready for a refresh? We offer both Beginners’ Waxing Courses and Intimate Waxing Courses at our Adel Academy. Our dedicated educators would love nothing more than to take you on a professional waxing journey and boost your skills!

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