10 Reasons Professionals Love Crazy Color Hair Dye

‘Original and best since 1977’ – with a tag-line as bold as their colour results, it’s no wonder that Crazy Color hair dye is the UK’s number 1 vibrant hair colour brand! Booming into the industry in the midst of Britain’s punk rock explosion, Crazy Colour semi-permanent hair dye has always been synonymous with anarchy, free expression and individuality. And the amazing range just keeps on pushing boundaries. Crazy Color walks hand in hand with the LGBTQIA+ community and champions being ‘unapologetically me‘ – using expressive colour to break down social barriers and restrictive norms to encourage clients of all walks of life to wear their colour with pride. 🌈

There’s no denying we love the ethos that Crazy Color upholds, but the results also speak volumes about this incredible brand! Read on to discover the top 10 reasons that we (and professionals alike) just can’t get enough of Crazy Color hair dye!

Crazy Color Model with Rainbow Hair and Rainbow Clothes

1. Vegan-friendly

Whether you’re using Crazy Color rose gold hair dye or an edgy neon green hair dye, you can be confident that each and every shade is 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. 💕

2. No ammonia or PPD

You won’t find any nasties in these vivid hair colours. Formulated without ammonia or PPD, Crazy Colour hair dye is kind to your client’s hair, causing less damage and reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

3. Conditioning Formula

Not only are the formulas free from harsh chemicals, they’re enriched with caring ingredients that condition and protect the hair as you colour. No more brittle ends or breakage-prone locks, your clients will enjoy radiant, touchably soft results.

4. Ready to use

Crazy Color hair dye is a time-saving salon saviour! With no need for peroxide, Crazy Color can be worked directly into the hair and develops in as little as 15 minutes. 🕒 Bold and vibrant results in 15 minutes? No wonder it’s popular in salon!

Table with Crazy Color Hair Dye Bottles & Colour Pots from @notanothersalon

5. Over 40 shades

With over 40 shades of Crazy Color semi-permanent hair dye to choose from, there really is no need to compromise on your client’s desired result. You can even use selected shades of Crazy Color on dark hair for a pop of colour vibrancy. Clients after a more subdued tone? Then Crazy Color Neutral has the answer – simply add this to your chosen shade for a softer, pastel tone.

6. Ultimate, unlimited creativity

Not only is there an amazing selection to choose from, but all Crazy Color shades are fully intermixable. Mix up the perfect bespoke shade for any colour request and enjoy unlimited creativity. 🎨

7. Colours that glow!

Got a client who REALLY wants to stand out? You’ve got to check out the UV hair dye collection. These outrageously vibrant shades literally glow in the dark so they’ll never go unnoticed again!

Crazy Color Hair Dye Bottles on Pink Bacrgound

8. Made in the UK

Crazy Color hair dye is made right here in the UK, so you can be confident in the amazing quality of the products as well as minimising your salon’s carbon footprint. An absolute win-win.

9. Iconic bottles

If you’re a lover of Crazy Color hair dye, then you know aesthetic is queen! 👑 These iconic pink bottles look absolutely gorgeous on your salon shelves and are so easily recognised by clients far and wide.

10. Decades of expertise – and still going strong!

With over 40 years of colouring expertise, Crazy Color hair dye is so reliable, providing the most jaw-dropping colour results every time. Still the industry’s favourite vibrant colour range after all this time, why choose anything else?!

Been getting creative with Crazy Color? Tag is in your recent looks on Instagram to be in with a chance of being featured on our page! And don’t forget to keep your salon stocked with the hottest colours.

Fancy some inspo? Check out some of our favourite Crazy Color creations below.

Crazy Color Pink & Purple Hair Dye by @notanothersalon

@notanothersalon giving us an eye-catching mix of Crazy Color pink hair dye and purple shades using Cyclamen, Pinkissimo and Crazy Color hair dye Capri Blue

Two-Tone Silver-Blue and Rainbow Crazy Color Hair Dye by @craftbysophe

You can really taste the rainbow with this one! This show-stopping two-tone effect uses virtually every shade in the Crazy Color hair dye chart! Simply stunning. Results by @craftbysophe

Crazy Colour Neon Green UV Hair Dye With UV Rainbow Colour by @thehairygodmotherr

UV shades in action! Outrageously bright results using neon green hair dye Crazy Color shades Toxic UV, Caution UV, Anarchy UV, Hot Purple and Capri Blue. Hair by @thehairygodmotherr

Crazy Color Silver Hair Dye with Rainbow Slithers by @beckypinklemonhair

Who doesn’t love a peekaboo? @beckypinklemonhair pairs Crazy Color silver hair dye with slithers of rainbow colour for a cheeky pop of colour

Two-Tone Crazy Color Red & Black Hair Dye by @kimberley_spireshairdressing

More two-tone? Yes please! A classic gothic combo of Crazy Color red hair dye and deep black will always be a winner in our books. Created by @kimberley_spireshairdressing using Vermillion Red.

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