11 Tanning Fails That Will Make You Wish You Asked A Professional


With Summer approaching, we’re all beginning to long for that golden glow.

But we must never forget the fine line between a natural sun-kissed look and the tangerine shades we all fear… 😳






Thankfully, Adel are here to offer

skin-tingling reminders of exactly

what not to do when tanning…








1. Never tan so hard that your auburn locks blend in seamlessly with your face…We love Lindsay for rocking the ginger look (but not on her skin).





2. Never wrongly assume your tan is dry and end up actively leaking on public transport:





3. Never tan so hard that your girlfriend looks like she’s dating a piece of mahogany furniture (plus don’t tan so much that it starts to look kinda racist! o_O).


fake-tan-fail (1)



4. Surely the whole purpose of tanning with a friend is to make sure both of your tans are on point? At least neither of these two has to suffer alone:


Tan-bros (1)



5. Kim’s stained hands prove that even money can’t save some people from tanning fails…





6. On the other hand, tanning hands are the least of this person’s worries!





7. Anne may have had a tango nightmare, but at least she’s glowing with pride!





8. Never tan so much you end up resembling a bronzed statue of your former self:





9. It may sound obvious, but never use a paint roller to tan…




10. Seriously, don’t.





11. Just stop.





Maybe we should all leave it to the professionals next time. Professionals understand how to achieve the perfect tan… because they use expert salon products like this lovely lot!



…and actually give everyone the sun-kissed look they were after.


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