2am London Gel Nails


Tired of gels with no personality? 2am London is here and ready to shake things up! These gel polish collections have an in-your-face attitude entirely of their own! It’s time to own it with these edgy, uncompromising colours that not only make your talons awesome, but empower you to take on the world and take no prisoners doing! 🌎 💪

2am is all about control, knowing what you want, and never settling for second best! The fully compliant, 100% gel formula creates exceptionally pigmented colour with a high-shine finish from just 30 seconds of curing under LED light. Boasting a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free formula, 2am has even got your salon ethics covered. Containing a whopping 84 shades grouped into complementary categories, there’s no limit to your gel polish creativity thanks to this unique brand.

Crafted with both client and technician in mind, these salon-friendly 7.5ml bottles allow you to showcase even more shades for your clients so they can truly find their own style. 💁‍♀️ Normally only £4.99, enjoy a generous intro offer of just £3.99 per gel polish and discover your fave new gel nails brand now! 🙌 

Not afraid to speak your mind? 2am London is the collection for you! Discover the incredible 7 collections here:









What’s your favourite collection? Shop the showstopping shades in store and online now!


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