Hottest Trends for Acrylic Nails in 2022

What’s the best thing to come out of lockdown, you ask? For us, it’s got to be the incredible boom in stunning, super-creative acrylic nails. We can all remember the boredom, the doomscrolling, the wishing we could be in a beauty salon, or basically anywhere but our own living rooms! Clients literally spent months indoors with nothing to do but scroll on their phones, pinning and favouriting gorgeous beauty trends they could only dream of sporting in 2020. At the same time, beauticians have spent their time inventing, practising and honing their skills, and the results are truly beautiful, innovative acrylic nail designs that clients just can’t wait to get their hands (or nails) on!

Gone are the days of plain pink and white acrylics, classic French and basic glitter ombré. Welcome to the hottest acrylic nail trends of 2022! From flirty florals, to vivid mix and match nail art, we’re showcasing this year’s top trends with pro inspiration courtesy of acrylic nails experts, Glitterbels. So pick up your fave acrylic powders, and get ready for some stunning creative inspo coming your way!

1 Bright and Bold

Not for the colour shy, this vibrant design mixes neon orange and sea-blue acrylic nail powders with outrageous gels to offer a bold, statement look. Mix it up with your favourite bright nail powders to create a unique set for every client!

2 Fresh and Natural

The other end of the spectrum (but no less gorgeous), natural pink acrylics are in. Having just launched a collection of brand new core acrylic powders, Glitterbels really understand the beauty of paring it back and letting your sets speak for themselves. P.S. brand new Sugar Rose acrylic nail powder is simply stunning!

3 Flirty Florals

Nothing says cute and flirty like florals! Simple yet effective, this daisy nail art paired with classic Glitterbels Soft White acrylics is perfect for spring-summer looks.

4 Alternative French

We’re seeing a huge boom in fun and inventive takes on the classic French manicure and pedicure. From neon nail tips, to multi-coloured looks, animal print, and textured effects, French has been truly re-invented in 2022. Try this vibrant alternative French by Glitterbels owner and superstar @nails_by_annabel_m

5 Psychedelic Swirls

The ’60s are well and truly alive! Retro and groovy, vibrant swirls are all the rage and it’s easy to see why. Go all out or pair with block colours and French for a psychedelic pop. Or you can even match your acrylic powders with your client’s shoes like our girl, Annabel!

6 Pastel Ombré

An oldy but goody, pastel ombré offers the perfect touch of subtle colour. Add in some sparkle or a burst of contrast colour and you’ve got acrylic nails to die for. This gorgeous design uses one of our favourite Glitterbels loose glitters – Candyfly (an absolute must for your acrylics nail kit!)

7 Crystal Accents

Love it or hate it, a touch of bling can completely transform your acrylic nail creations. @nails_by_annabel_m combines a gorgeous pastel French with beautiful crystal placement for a hint of sparkle. Glitzy yet classy, we’re so in to this trend for 2022.

8 Marble Watercolour

Taking marble to the next level with ocean-inspired, watercolour looks. Think deep sea blue and greens with a swirl or white sea foam and you’ve got the perfect beach-ready acrylic nails. We’re always down for adding a touch of glitter as well, like this stunning set by @nailsbyjanine.x

9 Flames

When we said ‘hottest trends’ we meant ‘HOTTEST’! 🔥 Delicate flame designs are a simple and effective way of bringing the heat to any acrylic nail look. @nails_by_annabel_m chose a rainbow flame design with matching glitter accents to really set this look on fire!

10 Mix and Match

The one for all those undecided clients. Matching and clashing bold prints and intricate nail art is so on trend. Can’t decide between animal print, florals and neons? Have them all! No one’s judging.

Inspired to crack your acrylic nail kit out and get playing? We’d love to see your favourite 2022 nail designs! Make sure to tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured.

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