Summer’s Best Gel Nail Polish

How many of your clients are counting down to summer, desperate to either get on a plane and go tropicana, or take off on a beachside staycation? 

Thanks to Halo, you’ll have the perfect shade of gel polish ready to send them off in style.  It’s been a loooong winter and Halo’s putting an end to any drab and dreary feels with pops of mega colour that will put any client in a great mood. Known for their ultra-pigmented colour, easy application, resilience and ongoing shine, Halo is cruelty-free and vegan, making this manicure and pedicure guilt-free. 

The team here at Adel Professional have selected our very favourite shades that promise to sizzle this summer. Think tropical island paradise, exotic beach sunset and icy-cool bottomless cocktails. Warning – this is no place for the faint-hearted. If your client is adventurous, spirited and playful, they’re going to love this line-up. 

1 Seychelles – Neon Yellow 

She sells seashells by the seashore, and Halo Seychelles is a slice of sunshine that will sell! We’re predicting this almost neon yellow will positively sizzle over summer. This gel nail polish shade is everything we all want to see right now – vibrant, cheerful, joyous. It’s the shade Andy Warhol would paint a pineapple, and we can’t get enough of it. 

Halo Gel Nail Polish Seychelles (Neon Yellow) Bottle & Swatch

2 Mauritius – Fiery Orange 

If your client is off to some kind of idyllic tropical paradise to do nothing other than sip cocktails as the sun dips over the watery horizon, Halo gel nail polish’s Mauritius is the beautiful, breezy nail gel to do it in. This fiery orange oozes hot nights and spectacular sunsets. Pass the Margarita, please… 

Halo Gel Nail Polish (Hot Orange) Bottle & Swatch

3 Hawaii – Summer Hot Red 

Aloha, happiness is calling from Hawaii nail gel! Renowned for the stunning red flowers across its islands (think passionflower, wild ginger, hibiscus, bougainvillea), you can see why Hawaii is the hot inspo here. Indeed, this vivid red Halo gel nail polish pops for all the right reasons. Add a local lei, and your client is living the life! 

Halo Gel Nail Polish Hawaii (Hot Red) Bottle & Swatch

4 Bali – Sea Blue 

Hands up if you spent way too much time during lockdown Googling shots of pristine, aquamarine waters? We’re guilty as charged! However, thanks to Halo nail gel Bali, we’ve turned that frown upside down with the most incredible blue gel nail polish. One look at our hands and we’re conjuring images of sartorial sarong perfection and tropical beach bliss. 

Halo Gel Nail Polish Bali (Bright Blue) Bottle & Swatch

5 Rio – Tropical Sea Blue Shimmer 

Make like it’s carnivale with some shimmer and shine, thanks to Halo gel nail’s Rio. A wonderfully rich sea blue, Rio is perfect for a hot night out when your client wants to amp up the sparkle! We might not all get to samba our way down a street party but we can definitely look and feel the part. 

Halo Gel Nail Polish Rio (Turquoise Shimmer) Bottle & Swatch

6 Neon Green – Croatia 

Halo’s Neon Green hasn’t actually been named after an exotic location. But given Croatia is the new European beach party capital and that Istrian coastline is such an explosion of fresh colour, we can’t help but channel this part of the world every time we see this shade. This colour will have your client ready for good times!  

Halo Gel Nail Polish Neon Green Bottle & Swatch

7 Girl Power Pink – Miami   

Another Halo gel nail that comes without a boarding pass name. However, Girl Power nail gel packs a mighty pink punch, and so we’re thinking Miami. Perfect for the client who believes you’ve got to go bold or go home, this is the business. 

Have fun with these fabulous shades – your client is going to love them! 

Halo Gel Nail Polish Girl Power (Hot Pink) Bottle & Swatch

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Indeed, what’s not to love about Halo? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We’re here to help you with Halo or any of the other amazing brands on our site. We would LOVE to hear from you with photos of happy, manicured and pedicured clients! 

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