Nailing the Perfect Mani and Pedi This Summer

Is your salon looking down the barrel of a long, successful season of endless manicures and pedicures? Well, we’ve got the best nail care tools to help you through! Here at Adel Direct, we stock all the nail tools and equipment you will need to keep your team moving fast and skilfully. We’ve also got a great line-up of after-care nail treatment products for your clients to maintain that perfectly-polished look well into their holidays. 

So, let’s find out what the hottest movers and shakers are in the world of professional nail manicure and pedicure tools!

1. Spray it clean 

None of us needs to be told how important hygiene is in the salon. So make it effortless and fast with Salon System Nail and File Cleansing Spray, an all-in-one cleaner for hands, feet and surfaces!

Salon System Nail + File Cleansing Sanitising Spray

2. The quiet, easy-to-use e-file 

If you’re going to upgrade one thing in your electric nail manicure and pedicure drill file tool kit, we think this should be it. The Halo E-file is a portable mini miracle worker for salon professionals. 

Its lightness and minimal vibrations minimise user fatigue. With ten hours of usage that only requires two-three hours of charge time, this baby is a pocket rocket that just keeps on performing. The digital display is very user-friendly and a simple twist-lock design enables your team to change drill bits faster than a Hollywood star in a cheesy western. 

Pure Nails Halo Electric E-File

3. A superb pinching tool for gel nails & acrylics

If your client wants the perfect c-curve, the Pure Nails Pinching Tool will make it happen. One of the more low-maintenance nail care tools in your kit, just place the tool at the top of the nail from side wall to side wall, set and forget! Come back and, hey presto, you’ll find the most perfectly preened fingertips await! 

Pure Nails Nail Pinching Tool

4. Our favourite acrylics nail kit 

The beauty brainchild of Instagram superstar Annabel Maginnis, Glitterbels continues to show why this brand is such an acrylics powerhouse. The team here constantly innovates and amazes, and these products are no exception. 

The Glitterbels Acrylic Starter Kit sets you up beautifully with everything you need to hit the ground sprinting this summer. Long-lasting, hyper-pigmented and quick-drying, this kit includes Primer, Dehydrator and a selection of popular shades perfect for fun in the sun. 

Glitterbels Acrylic Nail Starter Kit

5. Top nail art brushes and tools 

No surprises that Glitterbels is once again one of the top brands to beat. When it comes to super smooth application and flawless finish, so much depends on the brush. With much at stake, skimping is out of the question. So go with the best every time! 

We love Glitterbels Acrylic Nail Brushes. But for intricate gel nail designs, you can’t beat NSI Nail Art Brushes, available as a super handy pack of five to handle all your stripping, lining and detailing. 

Glitterbels Pink Acrylic Nail Brushes

6. Hardworking nail manicure tools 

The humble stick is responsible for the most dramatic cuticle clean-up, and this ten-pack of Hive of Beauty manicure sticks gets the job done with no fuss. Disposable wooden sticks, you can use these babies not only to push back cuticles and clean underneath edges but also to remove certain products from jars before application, thus avoiding cross-contamination. Multi-use, modest wonder sticks, indeed! 

Hive of Beauty Wooden Manicure Sticks

 7. The ultimate in cuticle care

Finish off your fabulous work with a cuticle oil that rehydrates and pampers. Kaseo’s Juicy Drops Cuticle Oil does precisely that, thanks to the natural oils and nourishing formula. Even better, dab this on to promote healthy regrowth and longer-lasting results – your client will be delighted!

Kaeso Juicy Drops Cuticle Oil

OK, so we’ve shared our top tips on the best professional nail care tools, but what about a little more indulgence? There’s nothing like that day spa touch to put some zing and zen into your client. Well, then, as it turns out, we’ve got just the products to do the trick! 

8. Hand treatments 

Kaseo knows how to make a client feel like they’re in mani and pedi la-la land! Their Kaseo Red Berry Splash Hand Soak and Wild Berry Butter Hand Mask use nourishing oils to restore and protect dry and damaged hands. And don’t get us started on the fragrance – if only these were edible! 

Maskology is another one to stock for success. This Maskology Hand Mask comes in a handy (oh dear, pardon the pun!) glove, making it easy for your client to slip on and feel sublime. 

Kaeso Manicure Hand Soak & Hand Mask with +maskology Sheet Hand Mask

9. Feet treatments 

Continuing to unlock the natural power of plants, Kaseo’s Lime and Ginger Tingle Footscrub buffs, invigorates and soothes even the most fatigued feet, whilst the Peppermint and Blueberry Twist Foot Mask moisturises and rejuvenates (and it smells like the most divine summer fruit cocktail!).  

With 16 super active botanicals, the Maskology Foot Peel (which comes in the cutest white socklets!) is a 90-minute treatment developed to have a sustained effect for several days. The client will be amazed to see dead skin continue to just naturally, gently shed. 

If you’re looking for a whole foot care regime, don’t go past the LOVASKIN Foot Peel line-up. Add the kit, spray and file to your toolbox for the ultimate in fabulous feet maintenance. 

Kaeso Pedicure Foot Scrub & Foot Mask with +maskology Sheet Foot Peel & LOVASKIN Instant Foot Peeling Treatment Spray

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