Boost Your Retail Beauty Offerings


With the increase in popularity of lash lift, lash extensions and brow shaping treatments, having impeccable lashes and brows is often top of your client’s list. But simply offering the perfect in-salon treatment could be limiting your salon. Making sure to offer a versatile array of retail products is a great way to boost profit and help your clients look after their brows and lashes from home.

Lucky for you, The Eyelash Design Company knows just how beneficial this can be and have launched some fab Lash FX and Brow FX retail ranges! Discover the collections here and get adding to your retail offerings.


Brow FX

Help every client achieve the brows of their dreams from home with the new Brow FX range. Including powders, waxes, mascaras and pencils, no matter the shape and style, Brow FX has got your back.

Brow Powder Selection – great for use in salon as well as at home, the powder palettes contain 3 graduating shades and a highlighting powder to colour and define. The lightweight pigments gently coat the hair for a subtle finish, or build up for a more dramatic effect.

Brow Powder & Wax Duo – expertly colour matched, the powder and wax combine perfectly to reveal beautifully shaped, defined, water-resistant brows.

Brow Pencil & Grooming Brush – perfect for clients who favour a more natural look, the thin, slanted pencil creates precise, individual hairstrokes while the brush tidies and tames.

Brow Powder Pen – featuring a unique soft touch applicator, this amazing Powder Pen gently and quickly deposits pigment to instantly enhance any look. Ideal for those after a speedy brow transformation.

Brow Mascara – formulated with conditioning ingredients, the lightweight brow gel nourishes, tames and tints in one step for long-lasting style.





One of the biggest lash crazes of 2018 has been magnetic lashes and we simply can’t get enough! The innovative Magnetise Lashes from Lash FX have been created with tiny magnets that lock into place around the natural lash, creating a long-lasting, wearable look.

Super quick and simple to apply, these reusable magnetic lashes eliminate the messy glues and fiddly application of strip lashes. Available in 4 different styles ranging from subtle effects to show-stopping drama, Magnetise Lashes have been cut to sit comfortably on the outer edges of the eyes to give a featherweight winged appearance.






Lash FX Mascaras

Magnetic Lashes not your client’s thing? Lash FX’s brand new mascara collection contains the perfect product addition for any daily routine. Designed with lash extension care in mind, these mascaras boast an oil-free formulation making them suitable for all lashes – natural or enhanced.

Volume Up – the ideal choice for added drama, the Volume Up mascara features a chunky latex wand to create a bold, wide-eyed effect.

Build Me Up – want to change up your look from day to night? The Build Me Up Mascara is the one for you! The unique 2 step system allows you to create a natural, pared back look with Step 1, or build with Step 2 for an intense, dramatic effect.

Style Me Up – formulated to improve the quality of lash extensions, the Style Me Up Clear Gloss Mascara acts as a sealant between the natural lash and extension while leaving a natural, glazed look.

Grow Me Up – clients after longer-looking natural lashes? With an expert hair growth enabling formula, the Lash FX Grow Me Up Serum helps to stimulate lash growth to promote longer, stronger natural lashes.




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