Brow House Microblading


We can’t stop talking about the brand new addition to Adel Academy’s training repertoire:

Brow House Microblading!



What is Microblading?

Microblading is a unique form of permanent makeup application influenced by Asian tattooing techniques. Also known as ‘eyebrow embroidery’, this technique uses a hand tool with numerous, ultra-fine pins to create thin incisions in the skin and deposit pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis.

Microblading combines individual hair strokes with soft tap powdering to deliver crisp, natural-looking results. The use of blades with differing diameters allows you to customise each hair stroke depending on the thickness of your client’s natural brows. It can be performed on all types of brows – whether your client has sparse brows that need filling or simply desires more definition, microblading is a beautiful option to offer all clients.

Immediately after the treatment, brows will appear darker than expected but the colour will fade during the healing process which takes around 2 weeks. After 6 weeks, a top-up treatment will be required to ensure the micropigments are responding and healing well. With the proper care and maintenance, microbladed brows can last between 1 & 3 years! 😲


What is the Course Structure?

Adel Academy’s Brow House Microblading Course with Hollie Houston is an immersive, interactive training experience. Developed over 3 consecutive days, Hollie combines theory-based exercises and practical experience to take you from novice to expert.

Around 4 weeks before the course begins, you’ll be given a pre-study manual to complete which you will be tested on and helped with on day 1 of the Microblading Course. This covers all the essentials of brow shaping, colour theory and health and safety information you need before progressing with the treatments.

On day 2, you’ll complete the theory work and get to put your new-found knowledge into practise by working on practise mats.

Hollie will offer a microblading demonstration on day 3 and then it’s your chance to show just how much you’ve accomplished by performing a full set of microbladed brows on a live model! 

Once the 3 days of training are complete, you’ll be asked to complete 2 case studies on each type of brow showing before, after, and healed brows. These case studies will be assessed by Hollie and if she is completely satisfied with your work, you will be awarded with a certificate stating you are fully qualified to perform microbladed brows! 😆

A full kit is included in the price of the course which contains everything you need to carry out 12 microblading treatments:

  • 12 X hand tools, hair stoke blades & powder blades.
  • 12 X hygiene disposables.
  • 6 X medical trays.
  • 6 X medical bags.
  • 1 X barrier wrap.
  • 12 X scratch tests.
  • 12 X pigment rings.
  • 1 X razor.
  • 3 X pigments.
  • Thread, cotton wool buds & cocktail sticks.
  • Drawing pencil & sharpener.
  • Brow ruler.
  • Pre-study, training manual & design booklet.
  • 1 X poster & 100 X flyers.
  • Hollie also provides access to online marketing materials as well as phone and online support.



Microblading Pricing

Course Price: As an introductory offer, the Brow House Microblading Course is currently discounted by £500, listed at £2499 ex. VAT.

Deposit Price: Payment plans are available, so to register your interest you can pay a deposit of £250 and complete the payment in instalments.

Treatment Price: The average price for a full set of microbladed brows is £250.

Treatment Cost: After your initial kit has run out, materials needed only come to around £20.

Profit: Based on these figures – and an estimated treatment time of around 2 hours (with a 1 hour touch up session) – microblading earns you approximately £75 per hour, meaning you’ll earn your training fee back in just 10-15 treatments!


How to Book Your Place

If you would like to pay your course price in full, this can be done either through your local store or online here.

Payment plans are available which require a £250 deposit and can be paid in instalments. Please note, the course must be paid for in full 2 weeks before the course date.

For more information or to set up a payment plan, please call our customer service line on 0114 284 2098.


Check out Hollie’s Brow House Microblading in action:

Hollie Houston Training Academy presents Brow House Microblading

Learn how to create Microblading Brows with Hairstrokes, Powder, and Combination for Beginners

Introductory Offer £2,499 for Beginners

– 10 Hours Pre-Study
– Anatomy and Physiology
– 3 Consecutive Days
– 1 Assessment Day
– 1 Trouble Shooting Day
– Exam on Theory
– Practise Mat Test
– Full Colour Theory
– Blood Bourne Viruses
– Health and Safety
– Hairstroke Design
– Brow Design
– Kit for Case Studies
– Online and Hard Marketing Tools
– Support after training
– 2-1 Training
– Access to online videos
– Accredited by ABT
– Insured with London Underwriters

Please go to website for full course details

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