DIY Nail ‘Art’ That Proves Nail Techs Are Essential


From sponging and wraps to intricate detail, a whole lot of people are taking it upon themselves to create their own nail art (whether they know what they’re doing, or not!) Adel strongly warn against this! 😅 As this post proves, going to a fabulous nail tech is always the best option…



Even the simplest of nail art can become disastrous for the critically untrained…




Classic styles may look easy, but this is far from the French Manicure we all know and love 😆




This failed attempt at marbling proves that technique is everything!




We can’t tell if this person was trying to paint their nails or an entire semi-detached house!




What is this shape?! And thickness?! Why?! 😭




Definitely achieved the desired effect here…




Not only is skill essential, but having nails long enough to work with is pretty important too!




Was this supposed to be a marble-effect pedicure? 😲




We can’t even figure out what this person was going for…Verruca Nails?! 😳




Some clients might need 3 or 4 coats…but 100? We think not.




Does failed patriotism this bad count as treason?!




This is NOT how you fade 😣




Never gonna happen…




Less is more, girls, less is so much more!




This person managed to make the removal of a nail art disaster a whole new fail of its own! 😂




Make sure you show every nail offender who’s boss by booking on to one of our amazing nail courses, and we can all hope they never attempt this again!



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