Essential Waxing Know-How


With waxing (in all its wonderful forms) becoming increasingly popular, we at Adel think sharing a bit of knowledge about the rising trends and best products to use is essential to make sure you’re offering the best services for every client. 👌

Here are some of the most popular waxing trends for 2017:



Bikini Line

Perfect for first-time waxees, the bikini wax is a quick and easy service to deliver a little touch up –  a long-standing favourite for clients who want to keep it pretty natural.


Extended Bikini Line

This one takes the bikini line touch-up a little further, removing slightly more hair from the top and sides. Still embracing the natural look, this style gives a bit of a neater, groomed finish.


Fuller Brazilian

A cross between a bikini wax and the more traditional triangle Brazilian, this style removes all hair except for the front portion which is neatened but kept relatively natural.


Triangle Brazilian/Bermuda Triangle

One of the most popular intimate waxing services, the Bermuda Triangle does what it says on the tin, leaving nothing but a tidy triangle of hair.


French Wax/Landing Strip

Ideal for clients who want to feel smooth without being completely hair-free – this style removes the majority of hair from the top and sides but leaves a strip in the middle. This service can be personalised for more adventurous clients (and technicians)!


Love Heart ❤️

If playing about with the French Wax style isn’t enough, the popular heart shape is certainly a playful option to add to your waxing menu ( although be warned, this one takes a bit of practise to perfect!)



Completely hairless has become one of the nation’s most popular waxing styles throughout the years, so offering this service is essential for all waxing technicians.


If you’d like to learn the essentials of intimate waxing, or have a bit of a waxing refresher, why not book onto one of Adel Academy’s Salon System Intimate Waxing Courses? You’ll need to already be qualified to perform waxing, but this course is great for adding a few extra services to your repertoire. 👍 


The Best Products


Just Wax Sensitive

Just Wax is one of our favourite brands so any of their incredible waxes would be perfect! When it comes to intimate waxing though, we’re all for sensitive waxes. Just Wax’s Sensitive range includes a sensitive creme wax that leaves skin nourished, a gel wax for that extra soothing touch and a stripless Flexiwax which delivers high-performance hair removal in a versatile, flexible formula.

As well as a range of professional strip and stripless waxes, Just Wax offer a fab collection of pre and after wax treatments to ensure skin is expertly soothed and hydrated.

Discover the full range of Just Wax Sensitive products here.





Hive Coconut & Lime

New to Adel this month, we’re already crazy about Hive of Beauty’s Coconut & Lime waxing range! The hybrid Gelee Wax has been specifically formulated to be rosin-free meaning it’s perfect for use on sensitive skin and delicate areas. The wax also includes titanium dioxide which actively reduces redness and inflammation by preventing the wax from sticking to the skin. This exotically scented range (complete with pre and after wax treatments) brings a touch of summer to all your waxing services. 🌴 ☀️

Shop the collection in store and online.





Clean + Easy Brazilian Hard Wax

Specifically designed for use on the bikini region, this professional Brazilian Hard Wax is a non-strip formula which adheres only to the hair for smooth results with no residue. For best results, precede this wax with Clean + Easy Pre Wax Cleanser.





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