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Who doesn’t love a bit of pampering? When the stresses of daily life take their toll, nothing beats a moment of truly relaxing calm. And as awareness of the benefits of self care continues to grow, it’s no wonder that more and more clients are booking themselves into spas and indulging in uplifting, rejuvenating massage treatments. Holistic offerings really do seem to be on the rise, with Professional Beauty reporting a 78% increase in spa treatments in June 2023 compared to the previous year, as well as a huge uplift in the number of male clients visiting spas (a whopping 346% increase compared to 5 years ago).

There really hasn’t been a better time to invest in holistic treatments. The great thing about massage therapy is you don’t necessarily need a spa to offer these treatments. If you have a beauty couch, you’re already halfway there! Countless beauty salons offer a range of pampering services, from anti-ageing facials all the way to full body massages, so why not begin a new, rewarding career in holistic beauty today?

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Adel Academy Massage Therapy Courses

Here at the Adel Academy, our fantastic beauty education team deliver a whole host of holistic massage courses designed to enhance your abilities with practical skills and knowledge. Fully qualified in massage therapies themselves, our beauty educators can’t wait to share their expertise to help you embark on a new holistic journey or build on your existing skills. Interested? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of our most popular training courses in massage therapy and holistic treatments.

Swedish Body Massage Course

Massage offers a huge wealth of benefits to all systems within the human body. By massaging and relaxing our client’s muscles, we can encourage a domino effect on all the body’s other systems, resulting in ‘homeostasis’ – a relaxing state in which the body and mind can renew and repair themselves.

But what makes a massage a ‘Swedish Massage’? The art of Swedish Body Massage is often attributed to Pehr Henrik Ling who, back in the 1800s, blended the movements of Egyptian, Greek and Roman massage techniques with some of his own. Swedish massage incorporates a whole host of techniques including long, gliding strokes, muscle needing, and brisk tapping to treat pain and alleviate stress.

Suitable for complete beginners, our Swedish Body Massage therapy course is spread over 2 days to ensure students are fully equipped with all the essential theory, treatment benefits and massage routines they need to hit the ground running.

Adel Academy Beauty Educator - Helen

Once therapists have Swedish Body Massage under their belts, they have a wide choice of treatments to progress onto, such as hot stones, deep tissue, and mother-to-be massage – it opens such a lot of doors on their training journey.

Pro Tip: Incorporate massage into your other treatments, like performing a hand and arm massage while your client’s eyelash tint is developing. This will add a level of relaxation that your clients won’t forget and will keep them coming back to you!

Hot Stone Massage Course

Stones have been used in massage techniques for thousands of years. Today, Hot Stone Massage uses naturally volcanic basalt stones that are carefully selected for size and weight to provide the perfect pressure on every area of the body. The heat from these stones deeply relaxes the muscles and helps to improve mobility and reduce pain. But the benefits don’t stop there! This phenomenal treatment has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve lymphatic drainage, promote the release of endorphins, and even temporarily reduce blood pressure.

Our highly-qualified trainers will guide you through this rejuvenating treatment over a full-day session. A perfect blend of theory, demonstrations and practical exercises, our Hot Stones Massage Course is open to anyone who holds a qualification in Swedish Body Massage and wants to add another string to their holistic bow!

Adel Academy Education Manager - Sam

The benefits of a Hot Stone Massage are amazing. The effect lasts longer than a Swedish massage as the heat penetrates deeper into the muscles. It’s also great for therapists as there’s less strain placed on the joints thanks to using stones rather than hands.

Indian Head Massage Course

Dating back over 2000 years, Indian massage techniques were originally used by mothers who would gently massage oils and spices into their children’s hair as a way of promoting a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. Now incredibly popular in Western cultures, Indian Head Massage – also known as champissage – focuses on acupressure points along the head, neck and shoulders. A wonderfully relaxing treatment, Indian massage helps to ease shoulder and neck stiffness, reduce headaches and improve emotional and mental wellness.

A more advanced holistic massage course, our Indian Head Massage Courses are open to anyone with an NVQ Level 2 or equivalent in Beauty, Facial Therapy, or Anatomy & Physiology. This 1 day course covers all the massage movements, routines, and mediums and gives you chance to practice on 2 models. For the first practical session, students will work on one another so you’ll also get the opportunity to experience this therapeutic treatment first hand!

Adel Academy Beauty Educator - Sophie

My favourite holistic treatment to teach is Indian Head Massage. The environment is always very relaxed – some students might arrive nervous but they always leave super chilled and excited to work on their clients. It’s such a powerful treatment and can help to reduce headaches, insomnia, and all the symptoms that come with stress.

Pro Tip: You get the most from the treatment if you create a relaxing environment for your client. This can be achieved with music, dim lights, and even a diffuser with lavender and mandarin essential oil – my clients always appreciate that!

Hopi Ear Candling Course

The ancient art of Hopi ear candling remains virtually unchanged to this day, with most modern therapists still using the same original techniques and almost exactly the same ingredients. You know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The unique treatment involves placing a special candle within the ear canal and carefully setting it alight. The flame then gently draws air from the ear canal towards the flame, alleviating pressure and drawing out excess wax and impurities.

Vibrations from the flame create a massage-like sensation on the ear drum which promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. Ear candling is also believed to ease a whole host of symptoms including ear ache, migraines, tinnitus, vertigo and even asthma!

There’s a fair amount of detailed anatomy outlined in this 1 day ear candling course, so you will need to hold a certificate in Facial Therapy to attend. But don’t worry, our dedicated educators will make sure you leave fully clued-up on all the essentials.

Adel Academy Education Manager - Sam

Hopi Ear Candling is a lovely treatment for both the client and the therapist. It’s been practised for centuries and holds so many health benefits – it’s especially good as a natural remedy for hay-fever sufferers.

Myth-Buster: Unlike what many believe, the wax left in the candle is NOT ear wax, but wax from the candle itself.

Train with us

Are you ready to begin your holistic journey? We truly believe our beauty experts offer the best massage therapy courses in the UK! You can learn more about our amazing educators and therapists on our Meet the Team page – great for putting a face to a name before arriving at your course! When you’re ready to enrol, either book your training course online or contact your local store to register.

As always, if you want a bit more information before taking the plunge, you can of course get in touch with Customer Service or your closest branch and we’ll make sure any questions are answered to the fullest. We can’t wait to see you at an Adel Academy very soon!

Get to know our Adel Training Academy and you’ll see why we offer the best beauty education around!

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