Fall Under the Spell…

The incredible new Halo Book of Shadows is fast becoming one of our all-time favourite gel polish collections thanks to the incredible array of mesmerising effects you can create! Check out some of the very best creations around to see why we’ve fallen in love with this magical collection.

Let the Pure Nails Ambassador show us how it’s done! Using Omen over Goddess, this effect is simply sensational 😮

These jaw-dropping nails showcase Wicca used over Navy for a mesmerising night sky effect. 💫

You don’t have to rely on the Cat Eyes Magnet for an eye-catching effect. These dazzling nails use Salem over Mulberry Wine for exceptional depth of colour and unbelievable shimmer

Sleek, sharp, and deep. This might be the classiest Halloween nail look there is 🖤

Can’t decide on just one? This dual-tone effect creates a captivating look, truly reminiscent of the breathtaking northern lights

Still can’t decide? Just use them all! This multicoloured set is giving is absolutely everything we need 🙌

Want even more Halo news? Keep your eyes out for the new Christmas collection, coming soon…

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