Halo Cosmic Collection – out of this world nail gel colours

Prepare to venture far from this world with the sensational Halo Cosmic Collection!

This latest addition to the Halo nail gel polish portfolio offers 6 lustrous new nail gel colours that shine brighter than the moon, sun and stars combined! Evocative of the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe, these Halo nail gels are everything your client wants to be this autumn: mysterious, glamorous, and truly out of this world!

So voyage into the solar system with us and discover a whole new galaxy of glitter gel polish from the planet’s favourite gel nail polish brand!


Dark and mystical, this iridescent black glitter gel polish is reminiscent of the perfect night sky. A charcoal noir nail gel with eye-catching, multi-coloured shimmer, Jupiter will take your breath away!

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Jupiter Bottle & Colour Swatch. Black glitter gel polish


No martians here: just the burnt-orange-red glitter gel you need this season. Reminiscent of the rocky, dusty terrain of our solar system’s second smallest planet, Mars Halo nail gel is both hot and dark – perfect for a fiery autumn look.

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Mars Bottle & Colour Swatch. Red glitter gel polish


Submerge your clients in the cool depths of this deep-space shade. Mercury gives other blue sparkly gel polish colours a run for their money, encapsulating the interplanetary beauty of our universe in a dark and sultry hue.

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Mercury Bottle & Colour Swatch. Blue glitter gel polish


Probably our favourite cosmic shade, Neptune is the teal-green Halo gel of our dreams! At once reminiscent of both oceanic wonders and the other-worldly blues of our system’s most distant planet, Neptune really will have your clients feeling like godesses of the sea and stars!

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Neptune Bottle & Colour Swatch. Teal green glitter gel polish


Saturn runs rings around other green glitters! This vibrant and opulent emerald shade with iridescent sparkle is a sensational addition from Pure Nails Halo, one we think even NASA could get on board with!

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Saturn Bottle & Colour Swatch. Green glitter gel polish


This intergalactic purple glitter gel really is transporting us to a galaxy far, far away! Venus will have your clients rocketing to a universe of colour and sparkle – nothing we wouldn’t expect from our closest planetary neighbour.

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Venus Bottle & Colour Swatch. Purple glitter gel polish

So there you have it: a cosmic collection of stunning, sparkling gels from Halo. Which is your favourite? Shop our Halo range online to stock up on the best gel nail polish our home world has to offer!

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