Holidays with Halo – Luxury Awaits in New Nail Gel Colours

Halo Luxury Awaits collection used on nails by leannemitchellbeauty

How many of your clients are taking off for their first holiday in years? 

Hair and beauty salons around the UK are booked as we all prepare for a long-overdue, sensational summer. Trim, tan, wax, manicure and pedicure – the preening list is long, and clients are loving the chance to luxuriate and be properly pampered ahead of take-off to Destination Bliss. 

To time things perfectly, Halo has released a range of what we think are the most gorgeous, travel-inspired gel nail polish colours yet. The ‘Luxury Awaits’ collection has us fantasising about one perfectly manicured hand holding a glass of bubbles and the other holding a boarding pass. So, if your client is turning fantasy into reality and they’re about to jet-set away, this collection will send them off in first-class style.

Largely regarded as the best gel nail polish in the UK, Halo gel nail polish is renowned for its easy application, chip resistance, and long-lasting shine. Nail technicians and their clients rave about Halo’s highly pigmented colour, and Luxury Awaits delivers this in spades. 

With so many outstanding shades in a series release, it’s hard to pick favourites. But the mani-obsessed members of our team put up their well-groomed hands in record time to trial these latest Halo gel nail colours. And the verdict? Well, let’s just say luxury is no longer waiting – it’s landed on many an office nail. Summer is here, and the good times are written all over our hands. It’s the least we could do in the name of research! 
So, let’s check out the Adel team’s selection of this season’s best gel nail polish. Your client’s holiday is off to a sublime start…

1 Santorini 

Kalimera, dazzling white beaches! The Santorini gel nail polish shade takes its cue from everyone’s favourite Agean Sea destination. Think endless beaches and pristine white buildings with their iconic blue hats, and you have the right idea. For the client who likes it white and bright, Santorini will send them off in style.

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Santorini bottle and white swatch

2 Aruba 

Is that the mellow tones of the Beach Boys dancing in your head? It will be, once you’ve applied this luscious lick of Aruba turquoise polish to your client’s nails. Aruba, Jamaica, Luxury Awaits wants to take you to

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Aruba bottle and turquoise swatch

3 Positano

The Positano Halo gel nail polish has us thinking about a soft, lilac sunset over the Amalfi Coast. Or swathes of spring flowers billowing out of postcard-perfect coastal retreats. Or a cute cami just spotted in one of the to-die-for boutiques. Mama, mia!

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Positano bottle and lilac swatch

4 Cannes 

It’s not red carpet! The Cannes gel nail polish takes its cue from raspberry cocktail frivolity along the Med. Think mega boat (frankly we’d be happy to take a Stand Up Paddle board!) tranquilly anchored in some hide-away inlet, with the razzmatazz of Cannes a distant distraction back on-shore. Oui, s’il-vous-plait! 

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Cannes bottle and pink swatch

5 Dubai 

One brushstroke of the Dubai gel nail vivid orange sun, and off your client goes to the exotic dunes. With a white linen outfit billowing in the hot breeze and a well-manicured hand holding down the latest sunhat, this image is Insta-worthy. 

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish Dubai bottle and orange swatch

6 St Barts 

The St Barts Halo gel nail is all palm trees swaying in the breeze and luxury yachts sailing around crystal clear blue waters. You see so many greens here on the shoreline. This is a particularly becoming olive that’s going to play it safe but sartorially stylish or dial up the fun, depending on how your client likes to accessorise. 

Pure Nails Halo Gel Polish St Barts bottle and green swatch

Whatever their colour of choice, luxury awaits your client with this gel manicure and pedicure. We’ve no doubt they will be won over with the first brush stroke.

LED Nail Lamps 

If your salon is crazy busy this season, you need equipment you can rely on. One of the best nail tips we can offer is to make sure you have the most efficient LED nail lamps for your team of technicians. The Halo LED Smart Lamp Pro is definitely our pick of Halo lamps. The 48W power cures UV and LED products, achieving a fabulous LED spread. The Smart Sensor stays on for 120 seconds unless timing is adjusted and turns off at that point or when the hand/foot is removed. Efficient, effective and bang-on, Halo lamps will get you through the crazy season!  

Contact us about Halo gel nail polish 

What’s not to love about Halo? The brand is cruelty-free and vegan, giving it extra ticks amongst conscientious clients who want to tread more softly on the planet. So, get your client into holiday mode early with Luxury Awaits. If you have any questions about this or other nail gel products at Adel, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help! Meanwhile, best of British luck getting through the summer season, and we hope you have your own little trip somewhere nice planned at the end of it!

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