Hydrate and Glow with Crazy Angel


Up your tanning game with the 3 latest additions to the Crazy Angel self-tan collection. These super-hydrating tans create a gorgeous streak-free glow in a nourishing, protective and refreshing formula that really cares for your clients’ skin.



Self-Tan Water

Fed up of heavy self-tans that leave skin feeling sticky and pores clogged? Crazy Angel’s Self-Tan Water uses an ultra-lightweight hydrating mist formula that applies perfectly and dries in no time – the ideal refreshing tan in warmer months.

Enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, this vegan-friendly tan with acceleration technology nourishes the skin to prevent patchiness while the innovative transparent formula means absolutely no transfer!

Directions: After exfoliating, spray the Self-Tan Water generously onto your mitt or directly onto the skin and blend in circular motions. You’ll develop a stunning medium tan in 4-6 hours.



Self-Tan Mousse

The game-changer of transparent tanning, this vegan-friendly clear Self-Tan Mousse creates a lightweight, quick-drying foam that glides effortlessly onto the skin for silky soft skin with a sun-kissed glow.

Shea Butter, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid moisturise the skin and brighten the complexion while acceleration technology promises the perfect medium tan with zero transfer.

Directions: Apply the mousse to clean, exfoliated skin with your favourite mitt and blend using circular motions. Develop for 4-6 hours (or leave overnight if you’re after a deeper tan).



Tanning Drops

We all know that 1 tan doesn’t fit all. Everyone deserves the perfect tan to suit them, and you can achieve just that with the new Crazy Angel Tanning Drops.

Infused with an antioxidant properties, these concentrated tanning drops help to fight free radicals and damage caused by UV rays while expertly providing a unique, personalised tan.

Directions: Combine 5-12 Tanning Drops with usual moisturiser or serum and apply to face and body – the more drops you use, the deeper the tan!


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