Inside Adel’s Scunthorpe Demo Day

Last Monday, Adel Scunthorpe hosted a fabulous demo day featuring expert advice and product demonstrations from some of our favourite brands. ❤




We learnt a huge amount about the incredible styling tools from Diva Professional. Kat (the wonderful Diva expert) showed us just how awesome hair can look with the super-affordable collection of styling tools they have on offer. 


Diva Digital Multi Wand (left) & Diva Micro Stick (right)

Diva Digital Multi Wand (left) & Diva Micro Stick (right)


She created beautiful beach curls with the Intelligent Digital Multi Wand and even demoed the brand new Micro Stick on our very own Steph Raffo (we cannot wait to have these amazing products in stock next month). The super-tight curls offered by the Micro Stick have a massive impact and refuse to fall, giving hair impressive curls and volume until the style is washed out.


Multi Wand in action and Steph rocking the 'Before & After Micro Stick' look!

Multi Wand in action and Steph rocking the ‘Before & After Micro Stick’ look!


Diva styling tools are extra special thanks to their expert infusion with amazing vitamins, essential oils and keratin for an intensely nourished look, no matter what the style. All the looks Kat created were as stunning in healthy-shine as they were professional style, without the need to use any additional products – no heat protection, shine spray or hairspray needed, the tools themselves have everything you need to create luscious locks that condition as they style.

Lucky for you, if you want to get your hands on any professional Diva styling tools, Adel have price reductions on Diva products across the board. 🙂




Lovely Lindsay from IBD showed off some awe-inspiring nail art with Orly and Just Gel Polishes. Using IBD Silicone Tools and nail art brushes, she created some utterly incredible nail art with the IBD Just Gel Polish Gel Art Kit. She showed us brilliant marbling effects, flawless fades and intricate patterned designs to get nail art creativity flowing.





Learning IBD!

Learning IBD!

Lindsay also taught us all about the importance of stirring your gel polishes to get maximum impact with your nail art; this is particularly useful to keep your glitter gels in tip-top condition to avoid denser glitters settling at the bottom of the bottles (now we know!)

We also saw some expert colour mixing in action. Just in case the 114 ( 😮 !!!) shades of Just Gel Polish colours and glitters aren’t enough for you or your client, new gel colours can be created simply by mixing original colours together! Make sure you keep any new mixes in opaque, sealable tubs to avoid any UV damage and keep them labelled with the part quantities of gel polishes used (and your client’s name if it becomes an instant favourite!)



Crazy Angel

Sam (one of our Scunthorpe superstars ⭐) demoed beautiful spray tans using products from the amazing Crazy Angel range.


The top feature was Crazy Angel Express, an innovative tanning formula which can be rinsed off 2, 3 or 4 hours after tanning to achieve optimum intensity for your client (do make sure your client is aware that regardless of when they rinse, the tan will continue to develop for the next 24 hours).

What was really incredible at the Crazy Angel demo was the speed of both application and drying; spraying in circular motions, Sam had set up and finished spraying the golden mist within around 10 minutes and the model’s skin had dried in around 5! No tackiness or lingering moisture, this Crazy Angel tan was incredibly fast drying leaving no tackiness, only a beautiful instant glow.



What Next?

If you missed this demo day but are keen to find out more about these (and other) products, why not book on to one of our training days? We launched tonnes of new training course dates last week so have plenty to offer to help you get your client’s hair, nails and tan as fab as these:

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for email reminders about upcoming demo days! (psst, next one’s on 16th May at our Bradford store…more details to come 😉 )