Lash Lift Know-How


Looking to expand your treatment menu? Well look no further than your clients’ lashes!

Although a fairly recent treatment, lash lifting has taken the beauty industry by storm with a huge 57% of UK spas stating that lash lifts are now their most popular service, according to the most recent Professional Beauty Insider survey. But just what is involved in a lash lift service and how does it differ from extensions?

Fundamentally, lash lift involves only your client’s natural lashes. The 3 step process breaks down the structure of the hair, allowing it to be molded and fixed into a new shape. Lifting directly from the root, you can achieve a noticeable, wide-eyed effect without having your client sit through often lengthy extension enhancements. Taking approximately 45 minutes and lasting up to 8 weeks, lash lift is the ideal treatment for time-poor clients after low-maintenance results.



As with all lash treatments, lash lift does require a steady hand and expert precision. While not as fiddly as the expert Russian Lash services, it is essential that your lash placement is perfect as, once they are fixed in place, there’s no turning back!

Although often not expressly stated, lash lift treatments also involve tinting services, leaving lashes looking longer, darker and with improved curl. While your clients can simply enjoy their newly lifted lashes, it is safe to enhance with mascara for a more dramatised effect.

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