New OSiS+ Collection: Made to Create a Stir


We’re really impressed with the updated Schwarzkopf OSiS+ styling range!

In a revamp for 2016, Schwarzkopf have updated the OSiS+ product line, category organisation and design format for a refreshed and look-driven collection right at home in your styling toolkit.

We’ve put together our highlights of what the new Schwarzkopf OSiS+ range wants to achieve for professional hairdressers and salons, according to the Made To Create ethos for styling versatility and innovation.



A ‘Look Driven’ Collection

The new Schwarzkopf OSiS+ range includes 28 products assorted into a look-based matrix for the following looks: voluminous, sleek, curly, wavy, polished and tousled. This style oriented approach makes it easy to choose the best OSiS+ products for key looks.

For example, if you want to deliver voluminous style, inject your client’s style with the ‘Big Blast’ volumising gel, texturise with the ‘Volume Up’ booster spray and fix into place with ‘Freeze’ extra strong hairspray. For a sleek look, you can blow dry the hair smooth with the ‘Blow & Go’ spritz, then add protection and shine with ‘Tame Wild’ anti-frizz cream.

Schwarzkopf’s expertise in contemporary urban trends is reconfirmed with the tousled section, which promotes an impressive range of matte and rough texturisers from the ‘Mess Up’ styling gum and versatile ‘Mighty Matte’ wax-fluid to the ‘Dust It’ Mattifying Powder. The polished section, in contrast, takes inspiration from classic vintage looks, with stylers like the wet-look ‘Damped’ pomade and ‘Play Tough’ gel.


The Categories

Prep, Style, Texture, Finish.

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ stylers are sorted into these four categories for professional styling from start to fixing.

At the Prep stage you can prime the hair with the ‘Hairbody’ prep spray or the new ‘Undercoat’ primer. At the Style stage you can choose stylers depending on which key look you want to achieve. The Texture stage allows you to define the style with textures ranging from sleek to high shine to matte, and the Finish stage products provide that essential style fix.

With a range of hold and control levels, the Schwarzkopf OSiS+ collection encourages your creativity and passion for styling, creating tailored looks for your clients that best suit their hair type and tastes.


New Players


The updated Schwarzkopf OSiS+ collection includes 8 new products:

  • Big Blast: a lightweight volumising gel.
  • Curl Honey: a nourishing and separating curl cream.
  • Bouncy Curls: an innovative oil-gel formula curl sculptor.
  • Damped: a stylish wet-look pomade for glistening sleekness.
  • Mighty Matte: a versatile wax-fluid for trendy matte finishes.
  • Play Tough: the waterproof gel with extreme hold & high shine.
  • Tame Wild: a luxuriously creamy defense against frizz and humidity.
  • Undercoat: a hair primer which balances porosity and increases manageability.

We’re particularly excited about ‘Undercoat’, which is the ideal start to any styling procedure and expertly complements the updated ‘Hairbody’ prep spray. Also impressive is the ‘Tame Wild’ cream, which delivers up to 7 days of frizz free shine!

Noticeable in these new releases is Schwarzkopf’s dedication to professionally versatile products; the ‘Bouncy Curls’ oil-gel and ‘Mighty Matte’ wax-fluid are both great alternative formulas to the ‘Curl Honey’ cream and ‘Mess Up’ gum respectively, giving you more styling options depending on your client’s needs. Whether you’re going for tried and tested looks or totally off the books, the OSiS+ range definitely has you covered.


Updated Design

Schwarzkopf have updated the OSiS+ collection’s design format and it really brings the products together.

Each OSiS+ styler features flat and angular shoulders, a modernised text font and trendy metallic finish labels and bottles, in fewer packaging formats (from 25 down to 13!) for a simpler, more cohesive look.

Have you tried the new OSiS+ range? Let us know what you think in the comments

The entire new OSIS+ collection is available on our website or in store.


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