NSI Simplicité PolyDip: Create the Looks


Dip, sculpt, overlay and create with the fabulous NSI Simplicité PolyDip System – the newest nail innovation to reach Adel!

Simplicité PolyDip offers an incredible array of over 80 highly-pigmented, intermixable powders that allow you to create your own colour palette and design bespoke looks for all of your clients in half the time of other nail services.

This uniquely formulated, odourless system uses expert light curing technology to make dipping services even easier and faster – with no need to allow for drying time, you can work on all 5 fingers at once! What’s more, the powder doesn’t stick, but absorbs into the PolyBase base coat to create a stunning finish with full coverage in just 2 dips.

Suitable for use over tips or on the natural nail, Simplicité PolyDip is a super-versatile system that creates pigment-rich, long-lasting results with a lightweight, flexible feel – no uncomfortable tightness or heaviness for your clients.

Simplicité Powders can even be combined with standard NSI Acrylic Liquids to offer even more versatile usage!

Follow our handy step-by-step guide to bring this game-changing system to your salon.




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