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Vitamin C has fast become one of the trendiest skincare actives, taking the spot of second most searched for skincare ingredient in 2021.* Buy why all the hype?

Put simply, Vitamin C is quite the all-rounder. You probably already know that it’s one of the best vitamins for skin brightening, but this wonder ingredient has a whole host of other tricks up its sleeve, including:

  • Improving hydration
  • Reducing redness
  • Fading hyperpigmentation
  • Promoting collagen production
  • Reducing dark circles
  • Healing wounds

What’s more, Vitamin C is suitable for most skin types, so almost all of your clients can benefit from this professional skincare must-have! Applying Vitamin C topically in the form of a facial serum or Vitamin C drops is a fantastic way of ensuring the body’s Vitamin C is replenished exactly where it is needed, leaving the complexion healthy and hydrated with a youthful glow.

Here’s where we introduce the brand new Kaeso Beauty Vitamin C Skincare range! A gorgeous natural skincare regime designed to brighten, nourish and invigorate your clients’ skin this summer.

Vitamin C Facial Wash

This super gentle foaming Vitamin C cleanser delicately washes away impurities and boosts radiance to leave skin expertly cleansed, brightened and energised – plus the uplifting citrus scent is enough to transport anyone to a summer paradise!

Keaso Beauty Vitamin C Cleanser 195ml

Vitamin C Facial Mist

Perfect for a little pick-me-up, this refreshing Vitamin C mist with added Caffeine instantly enlivens dull, tired complexions, infusing skin with essential nutrients to hydrate and brighten. Simply spritz over the face for a dewy, radiant finish.

Kaeso Beauty Vitamin C Facial Mist 195ml

Vitamin C Drops

Concentrated Kaeso Skincare Vitamin C drops provide the perfect boost of radiance. Ideal for adding to your client’s at-home regime, these little drops can be used as an additional step in their skincare routine or can be mixed with serums and creams to enhance and brighten the complexion.

Kaeso Beauty Vitamin C Drops 30ml

Vitamin C Facial

Make the most of the Kaeso Vitamin C skincare collection with this step-by-step Vitamin C facial routine.

Step 1: Cleanse

Apply the Kaeso Vitamin C Cleanser to the face, neck and décolletage using an upward and outward sweeping motion.

Step 2: Tone

Apply your client’s skin-specific Kaeso Toner with a damp cotton wool pad to balance the skin’s pH level. Blot any excess with a facial tissue.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Apply a small amount of your chosen Kaeso Exfoliator onto damp skin using a spreading action. Gently massage using small circular motions, paying particular attention to the T zone. Remove with a facial sponge.

Step 4: Treatment Mask

Choose the appropriate Kaeso Facial Mask for your client’s skin type. Apply from the neck and work your way up the face. Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes for optimal results.

Step 5: Hydrate

Apply 5+ drops of Kaeso Vitamin C Facial Drops to the skin using a gentle, patting motion. Apply 1-2 pumps of your client’s skin specific Kaeso Moisturiser to the face, neck and décolletage in an upward and outward sweeping motion. Finish off the facial with an energising spritz of the Kaeso Vitamin C Facial Mist.

Looking for other natural skincare actives? The Keaso Beauty range has a whole host of professional skincare solutions to target all of your clients’ skincare concerns.

*Research conducted by Skincare Hero

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