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Want to offer the best in lash extensions and strip lashes without breaking the bank? Then we’ve got the brand for you!

Created for professionals, by professionals, Salon Artisan‘s 40 years of expertise and dedication to the lash industry promises the most on-trend and innovative products in the professional beauty market.

Committed to quality as much as style, Salon Artisan lashes are all individually handcrafted by lash artists so you can be sure you’re providing the very best lash service for your clients. Proudly vegan and cruelty-free, there’s no need to worry about limitations to your client base – all of your clients are sure to fall head over heels for these eye-catching lashes!

See below for an overview of the Salon Artisan lash collections:

Strip Lashes

Expertly handcrafted with a flexi lash band for the perfect fit, these double-curled strip lashes ensure a beautiful lash lift with impressive volume. Lightweight, reusable, and contact-lens friendly, Salon Artisan Strip Lashes are available in an array of styles to suit any occasion:

Natural Lashes – designed to blend with the natural lashes for discreet perfection that’s universally flattering.

Wispy Lashes – feathered by hand for limitless flutter to create a flawless, flirtatious, wispy effect.

Amplified Lashes – the biggest, boldest style for dramatic, eye-opening glamour.

3D Russian Faux Mink Lashes – designed to mimic the colour and appearance of natural lashes while creating the fluffy, fluttery look of Russian Volume extensions.

3D Silk Lashes – created with the latest lash material innovation to deliver a precise, sleek and glossy look that mimics the effect of silky lash extensions.

Individual Lashes

Salon Artisan individual lash extensions are beautifully handcrafted by Korean Artisans using Razor Edge Technology to ensure each lash is perfectly formed. Super lightweight, these individual lashes are available in a whole host of thicknesses and lengths so you can offer outstanding bespoke lash looks for every client. Available in Premium Silk style for a semi-gloss finish and Faux Mink for a natural-looking, feathery effect.

Russian Lashes

6D Salon Artisan Instant Russian Lashes enable you to deliver the ultimate, voluminous lash look with reduced working time. Pre-fanned for convenience, these handmade lashes can be applied alone or combined with your choice of individual lashes to create a unique, texturised lash look that’s bound to turn heads.

Prefer to create your own look? The Russian Double Curl Lashes combine C and D curls in 1 lash to increase the volume and texture of your Russian lash effects – great for layered looks with a wispy effect.

Lash Palettes

Salon Artisan understand that practice makes perfect – that’s why they’ve created these innovative fanning palettes.

The Lash Artist Fanning Palette contains strips of different length individual lashes and empty strips where you can build fans and refine your technique – great for preparing fans ahead of Russian Volume appointments.

The Creative Palette uses strips of pre-made 3D or 6D Instant Russian Fans alongside strips of individual lashes so you can design the perfect, bespoke Hybrid lash looks.

Available exclusively online and in our Doncaster branch, discover the full Salon Artisan collection here.

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