Taking the Salon Experience Home: Client Retail


We all know clients want the best possible service, and hair and beauty professionals have the know-how and equipment to deliver it, but what about when a client steps out the salon? 

When they buy at the salon clients gain the professional insights and advice they crave for getting the most out of their hair, skin and nail treatments with top quality products.

Here are four ways you can help your clients discover high quality solutions and maintain results between services:


L'Oreal Mythic Oil


Treatment Oils and Sprays

Hair oils continue to be popular for deep hair conditioning, with many popular brands bringing out their own luxury treatments using high quality oil extracts.

Oils and oil sprays are also great as a retail solution, because they deliver a dose of hair nourishment without having the client commit to a whole hair care routine.

Adel recommends:

  • Amargan Oil: the original hair therapy argan oil, which moisturises and strengthens the hair fibre in a luxury leave-in formula, with a convenient pump action applicator.


  • L’Oreal Mythic Oil: brimming with vitamins and essential fatty acids, this oil uses avocado and grape seed oils in a light spray formula to intensely nourish the hair for supple texture and high shine.


  • Clynol Sealed Ends Serum: this hair serum uses an astonishing 7 botanical oils to target split ends and dryness, pampering the hair for smoothness and mirror shine.


Nail Nourishers

Professionals want their clients to benefit from products that promote health and strength, and this is no exception when it comes to nails. Top quality nail protectors and replenishers are a great take-home solution for continuing good habits from the salon.

Adel recommends:

  • Orly Top To Bottom: the revolutionary 2-in-1 topcoat and base coat product, Orly Top To Bottom protects the natural nail from staining and home manicures from chipping.


  • Jica Nail Magic: for long and strong nails, Jica Nail Magic doubles up as a nourishing base coat and deeply conditioning treatment between services.


  • NSI Nurture Oil: NSI’s nail and cuticle Nurture Oil uses 5 natural moisturising emollients to deeply nourish with essential vitamins A and C.


Hair Colour Refreshers45days

Clients want to get the most out of their professional colour services, and colour refresher products are available for a vibrancy boost in between visits.

Adel recommends:


  • Indola Colour Mousse: with nine popular shades to choose from, the Indola Colour Mousse breathes new life into coloured hair in a soft, nourishing formula.


  • Revlon Nutri Colour Creme: the extensive range of Colour Creme conditioners contain concentrated ionic pigments for colour that lasts and lasts.


  • Schwarzkopf Igora Expert Mousse: for colour and shine without the commitment, the 12 shades of Igora Expert Mousse last up to 8 washes with 20% white coverage.



Small and Inexpensive Treats

It’s that retail classic – small but useful products kept near the till to entice last minute sales. Adel supplies a range of salon products which also work as handy take-home items.

Adel recommends:



  • Invisible Hair Bobble Box: an Invisible Hair Bobble box is a great investment for clients who are tired of getting lines and dents in their hair or want their up-dos to look more natural. These bobbles come in cute ‘paint box’ design carrier ideal for display.


  • 4 Way Nail Buffer Block: the Pure Nails 4 Way Buffer Block conveniently provides nail filing, shaping, buffing and glossing in one portable tool.


  • Naturalash Strip Lashes: Strip lashes are great to have on hand for a night out or a glamorous day look, in packs with glue included. The ‘Natural’ range of Naturalash strip lashes are a popular choice of style.



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