The best summer hair care from Elgon

Summer is officially upon us and we couldn’t be happier! Sunny days and blue skies are what we crave. As much as we love some time in the summer heat, we all know how damaging sun exposure can be for hair. Sun, sand, sea and chlorine can all be incredibly drying, leaving hair thirsty, dull and brittle. But that’s not the case when you have a professional sun hair care collection at hand. For us, nothing beats the Elgon Colourcare Suncare collection. A complete range of professional products specifically designed to protect coloured hair, this Elgon hair care line is here to keep hair healthy, hydrated and vibrant all summer long!

New Elgon Suncare

This Elgon hair line doesn’t just say the right thing, it really works! As with everything Elgon do, innovation and development are at the heart of the new addition to the Colourcare range. So what is so special about this collection?

Each of the Suncare hair care products boasts a vegan super formula, boosted with the perfect amount of functional actives. In this case, we’re talking cactus. Known for its natural ability to retain moisture, Cactus Extract fights the loss of moisture hair experiences in higher temperatures. Its strong moisturising, conditioning and emollient action deeply nourishes hair after sun exposure and keeps locks lusciously soft.

Just as important as the active ingredient itself is the way it’s extracted. One of Elgon’s key innovations is their use of Biotechnology. At the risk of getting overly-technical, Biotechnology allows the product creators to use waste products from other industries to extract the best raw ingredients. This means every biotech ingredient in Elgon hair products is used in its most potent, concentrated form, giving you and your clients the very best results.

This commitment to minimising waste is carried right through to Elgon’s packaging choices. The amber bottles and jars are fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials. But that isn’t enough for Elgon. Always a step ahead of the curve, Elgon is the first brand in Europe to use ocean-bound plastic (OBP) to create their labels. The OBP certification programme helps to remove plastic from within 50km of our shorelines, ensuring it is recycled and repurposed before it has chance to reach the ocean. So when you buy any Elgon Suncare product, you know you’re purchasing something truly sustainable.

Ready to meet the range? Let’s have a look!

Elgon Colourcare Suncare hair products on a marble surface in warm sunlight

Aftersun Hair & Body Shampoo

A multipurpose sulphate-free cleanser, this purifying shampoo with 1% Biotech Cactus Extract regenerates the hair and body after sun exposure. The delicate pH6 formula gently rinses away chlorine, salt and sand residue from the hair and scalp for a clean, fresh feeling. It’s also great for use as a body wash to refresh the skin from head to toe. Added UV protection also defends against colour fade so your clients can enjoy their summer hair colors in all their glory!

Available in 500ml and 100ml travel size.

Elgon Colourcare Suncare Aftersun Hair & Body Shampoo with drop shadow

Aftersun Shine Mask

In need of a hair recharge? This professional hair mask is here to help! Formulated with 1.3% Biotech Cactus Extract, this ultra-rich aftersun hair treatment deeply nourishes each strand to preserve the strength and shine of your client’s hair colour. The acidic pH4 formula delivers instant brightness, while moisturising properties expertly detangle and soften lengths and ends.

Available in 300ml and 100ml travel size.

Elgon Colourcare Suncare Aftersun Shine Mask with drop shadow

Leave-In Hydra Milk

The perfect ally to colour-treated hair, this conditioning leave-in spray delivers lightweight moisturisation to thirsty hair. Boosted with 1% Cactus Extract and UV filters, this hydrating hair milk is great for use before and during sun exposure to protect against UV rays, and after exposure to detangle and nourish. Great for applying throughout the day, this must-have spray conditions and illuminates without weighing hair down – the perfect prep and protect for summer hair styles.

Available in 150ml and 50ml travel size.

Elgon Colourcare Suncare Leave-In Hydra Milk with drop shadow

Aftersun Hair & Body Oil

Another all-rounder, this conditioning dry oil offers weightless hydration without heaviness or greasiness. Infused with 1% Biotech Cactus Extract and 0.5% Jojoba Oil, this fast-absorbing, luxurious body and hair oil replenishes lost moisture and leaves hair and skin touchably soft. Perfect for use on damp hair or sun-dehydrated skin.

Elgon Colourcare Suncare Aftersun Hair & Body Oil with drop shadow

Wondering where to buy Elgon hair products in time for those sought-after summer getaways? Look no further. We’ve got you covered with all the hottest Elgon hair colour, care and styling products to keep clients’ hair glowing all summer long!

Top summer haircare tips

It’s plain to see that having the best professional hair care products is key to healthy summer locks. But what else can clients do to ensure there hair survives the summer? We’ve compiled some of the best professional hair advice out there to give you and your clients the summer hair care tips you need.

  1. Before swimming in a pool or the sea, wet the hair with fresh water. This will minimise the amount of chlorine or salt water the hair is able to absorb.
  2. We know it’s not the most glamorous, but the best way to protect hair from chlorine is to wear a hair swimming cap. If that’s a no-go, try to avoid submerging hair in chlorinated water. If hair does get wet, rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove any chlorine or salt residue.
  3. Don’t be too rough with the hair. One of those professional hair tips that’s essential all year round. Make sure to squeeze out water and blot away any excess rather than frantically rubbing with a towel. Hair is more fragile when it’s wet so you want to avoid causing breakage. Plus, any sun or chlorine exposure will only make hair more prone to damage.
  4. Shield the hair from the sun. We’re hoping its already spritzed with the Elgon Suncare Leave-In Hydra Milk, but remember hats are the best way to protect the hair and scalp from the sun’s powerful rays.
  5. Avoid the blow dryer and heat styling tools. The one thing sun-exposed hair definitely doesn’t need is more heat! Clients might still need the odd blow-dry or style, but limiting the use of heat tools will give hair a much-needed break. And don’t forget to stress the importance of a professional heat protection spray for when the dryers, straighteners and tongs are a must.

Have you got any other summer hair tips you swear by? We love getting hair tips from professionals, so drop us a comment below with anything we’ve missed!

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