Tried and Tested: White to Brown Self Tanning Water


Unsure about how the new White to Brown Tanning Water works? Well lucky for you, we’ve tried it out to tell you everything you need to know about this innovative formula! 


It may feel strange using a transparent self-tan, but most tanning products actually start as a clear formula (who knew?!) The key to the perfect tan using the new Tanning Water is not to be shy – move past your fear of streaks and just get going. The handy spray nozzle is ideal for making sure you get every last inch covered. You can spray directly onto your skin for a real burst of refreshment as you tan, or saturate your mitt with the miraculous water and get buffing.

Because the tan is water-based, it spreads beautifully and evenly so you can ensure perfect coverage. The super-fast absorption allows for instant drying meaning you can dress straight away, or simply bask in the delectable coconut scent.  

What’s even better, because there are no added bronzers, there is zero product transfer! No more tan-stained clothes and sheets and no more murky shower water after rinsing, the White to Brown Tanning Water borders the miraculous! 

The tan develops into a gorgeous golden glow in around 2-4 hours, but we left it overnight just to be sure. One thing that’s definitely noticeable is the durability of the tan. Not only are the results incredibly even and completely streak-free, the colour seems to last even longer than other self-tans.


Our overall verdict: this tan is a total game-changer! It feels and smells gorgeous, is easy to apply, dries instantly, leaves no staining or transfer, and lasts for days. What more could you want? 


Don’t just take our word for it, pick up one of these fabulous tanning waters in store or online now!


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