Vibrant Summer Nails


Get your clients’ nails as 🔥 as the upcoming heatwave with our top new summer nail collections!

Cuccio Veneer Heatwave (13ml)

The clue’s in the name – temperatures will soar with the help of Cuccio’s latest Veneer collection. 8 vivid and sexy shades create a stylish hotbed of colour, from roasting red to sunshine yellow. ☀️

Price: £5.99

Halo Summer Vibes (8ml)

It doesn’t matter whether your clients are jet-setting or making a holiday from home, it’s all about those Summer Vibes. Halo’s eye-catching collection of neon gels is the brightest yet – you’ll need your sunglasses for these! 😎

Price: £4.99

2am Paint Me A Festival (7.5ml)

You don’t have to go bright and bold to make a statement. 💅 ✨ 2am London’s dazzling Paint Me A Festival collection contains 12 of the most stunning glitters around to get your clients festival-ready.

Price: £3.99

Gelluv Ibiza (8ml)

Give your clients the perfect nails for sunbathing on the beach or partying on the strip.🌴 Gelluv’s innovative Ibiza collection offers incredible neon brightness in the day and extreme glow in the dark when exposed to UV light – the stronger the light, the brighter the glow! No one will miss you wearing these nails.

Price: £4.99

Gellux Soul Sister (15ml)

With new Gellux Soul Sister you’ll find every client’s summer BFF. From bold, vibrant colour to subtler shades, this summer collection has got it all!

Price: £11.95

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