Weird And Wonderful Contouring Trends


As with all beauty trends, contouring and highlighting is really being pushed to its limit!

From the absolutely stunning to the downright weird, these takes on the incredibly popular trend are certainly something to behold…


1. So thermal highlighting is a thing, you know, just in case you want to mimic scientific body thermal scanning in your beauty routine. 😕


2. Weird as it might seem, it is totally beautiful:


3: We really wanted to hate rainbow/unicorn highlighting (seriously, who is wearing this?!) but it’s just so dang amazing! 😱


4: Less amazing: full face highlighting. We’ll steer clear of this one thanks… o_O


5: Same with clown contouring. There’s no denying she looks phenomenal, but is all this doodling really necessary?!


6: However, we are absolutely living for henna contouring  😲 😲


7: It is utterly stunning, before and after! 😍 


8: This guy is really channelling his inner mermaid here… 😆 💜


9: What is body contouring about?! Impressive, sure, but who has time for this?!


10: On the other hand, this comic book-inspired look has to be the most incredible example of contouring at its most ingenious! 😱 😵 😍😍


Have you tried any ‘out there’ contouring looks? Why not share them with us over on our Facebook page? 😊



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