Why we love Sienna X Tan

It’s a multi award-winning professional tanning brand. It’s adored by clients and beauticians alike. It’s a champion of innovation with an emphasis on inclusivity. Yep – it’s Sienna X, and it’s now available at Adel Professional!

Sienna X models

Sienna’s owner and founder, Nicky Matthews, first started out in the glamorous life of cabin crew. But after her family began to grow, she left the trolley and the travel behind her and found her feet in mobile spray tanning. And boy, are we glad she did! Loving the flexibility of mobile tanning but feeling the impulse to develop a more cost-effective solution, Nicky had a ‘light bulb’ moment when she was inspired to create a mobile spray tan booth while watching her children play in a pop up tent (inspiration really does come from the most unexpected places!) The now-patented tanning booth was just the beginning. Thanks to Nicky’s innovation, her incredible team, and – of course – her loyal consumers, Sienna X was born and rapidly grew into a leading brand in the professional tanning market.

So why choose Sienna tan? First and foremost, the industry doesn’t lie! And when it’s bestowed this many awards on a single brand, you know it’s got to be good. But let’s be honest, we know that you’re probably already familiar with Sienna X. Whether you’ve used it yourself, a client raves about it, or you’ve just seen it around, Sienna tan is indisputably one of the greats!

Not only does Sienna X spray tan provide a beautiful, long-lasting glow in tailored strengths to suit every client’s skin tone, but the self tanning collection is also out of this world. The pro level formulas are 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, packed with natural actives that provide the most glorious, natural-looking tans while leaving skin touchably soft. In short: Sienna X tan is guaranteed to give every client their perfect, confidence-boosting glow.

Sienna X Professional Spray Tan Solution Collection

Sienna X Professional

We know that your clients will settle for nothing less than the best spray tan. Thankfully, Sienna has got you covered there. Whether they’re seeking the deepest tan around or a subtle touch of colour, there’s a Sienna spray tan solution for that!

Light spray tan – for the most natural tan, choose 6% or 8% tan solution. Great for clients with paler skin tones, or those who burn easily

Medium spray tan – the best-selling 10% solution is perfect for all skin tones, developing into a rich, golden goddess glow

Dark spray tan – ideally suited to clients with darker or olive skin tones, the 12% Sienna tan gives a deliciously deep glow. For all those clients who want the darkest results possible, Sienna X also offer a 16% solution to achieve an intensely deep tan.

Express spray tan – if time is of the essence, it’s got to be the 1 hour Sienna X Express Spray Tan. This miracle tan solution is great for all clients, rapidly developing into a personalised glow from light to dark, depending on your client’s natural tone and desired results.

Plus, each and every spray tan solution uses 100% natural DHA with added skin-loving ingredients to ensure the most even coverage for a gorgeous tan that lasts up to 7 days.

Sienna X Retail Tan Collection

Sienna X Retail

There’s nothing fake about the glow you get from Sienna fake tan. Tanning lotion, self tan mousse, or tanning mist; no matter the product, the result is always a tan natural enough to have everyone thinking you’ve just stepped off the plane. If clients are more cautious, give them a Sienna gradual tan to try. Available in a self tan mousse, tinted lotion or tanning spray, the ultra-light DHA gently builds to a super natural glow they’ll just love. And we all know that once you tan, there’s no going back; they’ll be banging on your door for a Sienna spray tan in no time!

Let’s not forget the latest addition to the Sienna X tan portfolio. 3 specialised clear tan mousses provide bespoke tanning results with zero transfer! The next generation tanning mousses are perfect for any skin tone, using hydrating, water-based formulas with a clear sheen that promises flawless application, even without a colour guide. No mess, no stains, just an enviable tan. Recommend this one to your clients and their sheets will be thanking you soon!

Of course, it’s not all about the heroes. Where would we be without essential prep and aftercare? The Sienna tan range has got everything you could need, whether you’re prepping a client for a professional spray tan, or sending them home with a gentle tan remover. Primers, barrier cream, wipes and tan eraser: Sienna X has it all!

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If you didn’t love Sienna X already, we’re pretty sure you do now! So head over to our dedicated Sienna tan page and stock up on your (soon to be) tanning faves!

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