Working at Adel! Camille: Content Writing


Hello! I’m Camille, and I’ve been a Content Writer here at Adel for 8 months. I’m based at our Sheffield office, in the heart of the Glorious Industrial North.

Before this role I was a student at the University of Sheffield for 4 years studying English Language & Linguistics.

I started on a three month internship, which was then extended while we looked for a full-time replacement writer, who I have since been training to fill the role.


What I Do (in a nutshell)

I create written content in many shapes and forms for the Adel Professional website. This has involved a lot of research, in order to develop a working knowledge of our clients, our suppliers and brands, the needs of a business, and the web content behemoth that is Google.

During the initial internship I mainly wrote descriptions for our product database. I’ve written descriptions for over 2,000 products during my time here, including everything from micro ring hair extensions to disposable tanning thongs.

But I’m not merely a words monkey; my job has required a fair bit of learning, teamwork, research skills and a healthy level of adaptability. Some of the other things I do include…


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO was something I knew next to nothing about when I started at Adel, but I quickly realised how important it is for anyone wanting to have an influential reach online.

seomemeBy structuring chosen keywords into written content (I use Google Keyword Planner) and including meta-data for search engines, you can make the difference between your page coming up near the top of search results or becoming lost in a sea of information, most of which doesn’t get a look in by potential customers.

Having interesting and relevant content is the most crucial thing of all, in terms of building up your domain authority and having a good reputation, otherwise Google will rank you down – this is where content writers like me come in!

For more information about SEO, the Moz Beginner’s Guide is a good place to start.


Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets…

Lesson 1.

Spreadsheets: Lesson 1

The Sheffield office manager Eddie has a very fetching mug with the words ‘I ♥ Spreadsheets’ and, though I’m a word processing gal at heart, I’m slowly coming round to his way of thinking, honest!

I’ve learned way more about the powers of Excel here than I did at school; it definitely helps when you’re putting the skills to practical use rather than creating a database of ice cream flavours etc. We upload most of the online content via databases, so getting the right information in the right place is crucial, especially when you have multiple people working on the same Sheet.




For the Adel blog, I have worked on Very Important Articles like ’10 Animals Who Are Having A Better Hair Day Than You’ and ’14 Hairdressing Memes That Just Get You’.

It’s been a lot of fun! I have also done blogs with more of a research element (though, to be honest, trawling Instagram for memes is a really nice way to get paid).

One of my favourite articles I have written is The Hottest Denim Hair Looks. This was the first blog post I did that became really popular on Facebook, and it was exciting to be able to tap into what our customers feel passionate about.

One of the more surprising elements of my work has been using HTML coding to structure and format blog articles, as well as the occasional product description.

As with SEO, this is an incredibly useful skill to have, because sometimes the formatting options available at a click aren’t specific enough to cut it.



I’ve mainly marketed our products and opportunities via email and our Facebook page. I’ve learned how to create e-shots on Constant Contact, and to look at the whens, hows and whys of email marketing, what works and doesn’t work, by looking at opening/click through statistics and customer feedback.

Facebook has been another big part of our marketing strategy, and it definitely gets a bit addictive because there’s so many juicy stats on Insights for business pages. Working on getting customers through to the website via Facebook has been interesting, as often people don’t want a sales pitch on social media, so we’ve focused more on providing fun and interesting content, which has also been much more fun to write!


Other Job Perks manicpanic


  • Getting to know a lot more about the hair and beauty options out there.

  • The freebies! My favourite freebie has been the Manic Panic turquoise hair dye we got sent in a supplier sampler.

  • Being able to interview candidates for the full-time role and train the successful candidate has been a fantastic experience, the kind you want to put on your CV and surround with gold stars to show how experienced you are.

  • Tea is practically on tap.

  • During the 3 month internship, whenever we hit a product description target (e.g. 1,000) our manager would take us out for a Nando’s.

  • ‘Owt’ and ‘nowt’ have finally entered my vocabulary, so I feel more like a proud Sheffielder.

  • One of the lunch vans does really good parkin (this has been more of a perk for my taste buds than my waistline!)


Where Next?

I’m moving onto another content writing job in Manchester, a part-time position that works for me as someone wanting to apply for further academic study. My experience at Adel played a huge part in getting this new job, as I’ve learned so much about how to create and market content in a business environment.


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