10 Animals Who Are Having A Better Hair Day Than You


1. This Black Beauty’s amazing mane is inspiring some serious hair goals:



Featuring a beautiful dip-dye!


2. This poodle is channeling Marie Antoinette! The drop curls are simply perfection.



Let them eat dog treats.


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 3. You wish you could sport an edgy side fringe as well as this alpaca.



“You Just Wouldn’t Understand.”


4. Argan-infused straighteners, anyone?



Silky sleek.


5. Basically, most hair adverts could be replaced by horses with beautiful locks like this:



Because you’re worth it.


6. This cat’s facial hair is on point.



The modern gentleman…


7. So much hair envy right now…



Clearly this Afghan Hound has been using hair oil!


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8. 2015 was all about ombre hair. 2016? Goatbre.



That colour transition is on point.


9. This rabbit has gone for a more unconventional sideburns look, but it’s beautiful all the same.



You ain’t nothing but a hound dog… well, a rabbit.


10. King of the Jungle? This lion is also the king of gorgeous copper hair.



So majestic.

Definitely the inspiration behind L’Oreal Majirouge, right?


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