Top 6 Extreme Christmas Hairdos! 🎄

  From wearing festive jumpers to listening to those Christmas CDs on repeat, no one can resist embracing the Christmas spirit! ❄️ 🎅🏻 These 6 people have taken those festivities one step further by creating some of the most extreme Christmas hairdos we’ve ever seen!    1: Why stop at putting up a Christmas tree at home when you can wear one around all day?!   2: Apparently this has been quite a trend over the years! These two are totally rocking (around) their Christmas tree dos! 😆 🎄   3: Can’t detangle... Read More


Totally Bizarre Hair Curling Hacks

  By now we know there’s always going to be someone out there who refuses to use conventional methods to achieve their desired look. Just in case investing in a set of curling tongs or a ceramic wand isn’t the simplest option (we fail to see how this is true!), these adventurous ladies have come up with truly bizarre hacks for glamorous curls using the strangest everyday objects… 😕 😆     Got any odd socks lying around? No problem! Put them to use as makeshift curling ties…apparently. 😖     Leftover balloons... Read More


Top 10 Hair Dye Fails Which Prove We Need Hairdressers!

We all know they’re out there – the box-dyers, the DIY highlighters and the home-schooled ombre ‘experts’ – and we’ve all seen the usually drastic outcomes. 🙈 We’ve found 10 of the worst DIY hair dye fails that prove why going to your wonderful professional is the only option! 😊   1: We can’t actually tell if this is an ombre attempt gone bad or the worst example of mismatched hair extensions in existence. 😳     2: Can’t decide between 2 different, outrageously vibrant colours – why not both?! 🙈     3: Speaking... Read More


Retro Hairstyles We Can’t Believe Were Once Fashionable

  We’ve all looked back at old family photos absolutely devastated that we once actually looked like that. 🙈Whether it’s a perm bigger than your current levels of embarrassment or hair so crimped it makes your modern do sad, hairstyles of the past really make us question fashion trends! Here’s a peak at some of the most heartbreaking hairstyles that were actually once on point:     This quiff must require an insane amount of product.     There’s a certain skill to getting your afro this perfectly rounded… …but we still... Read More

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Pampered Pets With Better Beauty Regimes Than You

  We’re all guilty of pampering our pets – whether it’s an extra treat when they look at you with those irresistible puppy dog eyes 🐶 or an increasing collection of ridiculously over-priced toys because your pet deserves only the best. 😌   However, these 20 animals prove that pet pampering has been taken to a whole new level. From spa days to manicures, these pets put some of our own beauty regimes to shame.😭   This Boxer understands the importance of ‘me time’.     “Don’t disturb me – I’m beautifying.”    ... Read More

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15 Guys Who Should Have Found A Better Barber

  We’re sure you all know that feeling when a client comes in with high demands, but everything they ask for is just plain wrong. 🙈 Moral dilemma – please the client and do it anyway, risking public slander and potential bankruptcy, or firmly advise them against their terrible life decisions. It’s a tricky moment in any hairdresser/barber’s career, but more often than not, compassion wins; you just can’t bring yourself to keep that mullet or shave that ridiculous image into someone’s head – it’s just not right! 😭 However, these... Read More


Brows So Bad They’ll Make Beauticians Cry!

  Everyone knows that soul destroying moment when a client walks in with eyebrows almost beyond repair…     …but you suppress the urge to scream, say a little prayer, and continue to work your magic. 😏 However, sometimes people take their brows WAY too far and all hope is lost! 😭     This collection of 15 utterly irreparable brow disasters is enough to make any beautician weep!   1: The Flat Brow: there is absolutely no shape – how do we work with this?! 😰       2: The High Brow:... Read More


10 Animals Who Are Having A Better Hair Day Than You

                                    1. This Black Beauty’s amazing mane is inspiring some serious hair goals:         2. This poodle is channeling Marie Antoinette! The drop curls are simply perfection.     Create gorgeous curls for your human clients with the Diva Intelligent Digital Argan Wand.        3. You wish you could sport an edgy side fringe as well as this alpaca.         4. Argan-infused straighteners, anyone?      ... Read More

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14 Hairdressing Memes That Just Get You

                  It’s a weird life being a hairdresser.   Some days at work go indescribably well:                                                   Others are just indescribable:                                                     Clients ask the difficult questions:            ... Read More


10 Ridiculous Vintage Beauty Ads

            Here at Adel, we’ve carefully selected our all-time favourite vintage beauty ads. From the completely ridiculous to the downright offensive, these beauty ads speak volumes about how beauty trends have evolved over the decades.           10. Is your natural beauty not getting enough recognition? Cover Girl knows how to fix that! According to this advert from 1966, with an overstated lampshade headdress (and some fancy new lipstick) you’ll light up the room.         9. This poor typist... Read More