10 Of Prince’s Most Iconic Looks Of All Time


No one challenged conventionality like Prince; if it was covered in lace, velvet or ruffles, Prince wore it, and wore it well. So in light of the recent tragedy, Adel have decided to pay tribute to the Pop/Funk/Rock/Soul-God in one of the only ways we know how: a compilation of some of his many fabulous, iconic looks, from hair to platforms. ❤







10. Rocking the ultimate ‘fro like only Prince can:




9: The ‘windswept’ look really worked for Prince – ‘U Got The Look’ indeed!




8: It’s impossible not to bow before him in this amazing lacy catsuit…




7. We’re ‘Delirious’ from his magnificent androgyny:




6. Forget ‘Pink Cashmere’, Prince taught us that pink fur and sequinned jackets are the winners:




5: Quit joking with us, we’re already hooked on your awesomeness 😮




4. We all lost it when Prince rocked up to last year’s AMAs as a physical representation of his 1995 album: ‘The Gold Experience’.




3: Eat your heart out, Kylie – Prince nailed this white-hooded-pant-suit combo:




2: We’ve never seen hair so luscious and brows so perfect…




1: Prince in all his purple (rain) glory has got to be the definition of ‘iconic’:




We’ll all miss this incredible man who taught us it’s okay to push the boundaries of gender, race, music and fashion throughout his phenomenally influential career: a true hero ❤



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