Achieve fiery reds with new OSMO IKON Hi Lifts

New OSMO IKON Hi Lift Reds

Are bright, vibrant reds your thing? Then you absolutely HAVE to try new OSMO IKON Hi Lift Reds. These 3 striking shades give you the freedom to create head-turning red results with no need for bleach – think ultra bright reds, rich red wine hair colour and vivid copper tones. We know that you and your clients are going to love these! ❤

What are Hi Lift shades?

Hi Lift hair dye is the perfect solution for clients who can’t (or don’t want to) bleach their hair. Because there’s no need for bleach additives, OSMO IKON‘s professional red hair colour range works slightly differently to classic permanent hair colour – they contain more ammonia and more dye pigments to create the most intense shade. Think of Hi Lifts as the rocket engine in your hair colour portfolio! They’re by far the strongest colours in your palette, meaning you’ll achieve maximum lightening and colour deposit in one simple step.

Why choose Hi Lifts?

No bleach means IKON Hi Lifts are a gentler colouring method that’s super popular with lots of clients. After all, why should anyone compromise on their perfect professional red hair colour? Especially when the colour in question offers a wealth of amazing benefits…

  • Hi Lift Reds cut through tint when normal reds won’t so you can use it over other shades
  • They achieve maximum lift without the need for bleach
  • Hi Lifts are formulated with high levels of colour pigments to deliver intensely rich, vibrant results
  • Each shade contains a higher level of ammonia to reach supreme lightening levels
  • The range can be used on darker levels (2-6) to create vivid reds
  • Hi Lift Reds can also be added to other reds in the OSMO IKON range to boost results
  • Available in 3 intensely rich, wearable shades
  • 100% vegan formula using IKON’s innovative Micro-Connective Technology to lock in colour for long-lasting results.
  • Enriched with Chia Oil, Tamanu Seed Extract and Vitamin E which nourish the hair and scalp and protect against colour fade
  • Easy 1:2 mixing ratio with 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol. cream developer, depending on the desired result

Whether your clients are after a dark red hair colour, magenta red hair colour or a warm red ginger colour, IKON Hi Lifts have got you covered. Check out some of the amazing results already created using this stunning range!

Vivid red hair colour by @hairbymelissa__
This vivid red using IKON Hi Lift Red is bright enough to stop traffic! 🚨
Result: @hairbymelissa___
2 tone blonde and copper hair by @beckypinklemonhair
2 tone look using Hi Lift Copper Red is the perfect way to get edgy with ginger red hair colour.
Result: @beckypinklemonhair
Deep brown and red colour melt by @jesdoeshair
Clients after a dark brown hair colour with red tones? Elevate it to the next level with this show-stopping red colour melt! Result: @jesdoeshair_
Bright magenta red hair colour by @nicolebrucehair
The ultimate magenta red hair colour by Nicole Bruce. Hands up who wants to try this! 🙋‍♀️
Result: @nicholebrucehair
Deep violet red hair colour by @jesdoeshair
Like a fine wine 🍷 This deep red hair colour is so on-trend right now.
Result: @jesdoeshair_
Fiery copper hair colour by @jesdoeshair
It doesn’t get hotter than this fiery copper – the queen of ginger red hair colour! 🧡
Result: @jesdoeshair_
Vibrant red and violet hair colour by @beckypinklemonhair
A stunning mix of Hi Lift Red and Violet Red creates this amazing look.
Result: @beckypinklemonhair

Which shade are you buzzing to try out? All of them? Yeah…us too!

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