Beauty UK – Adel’s Top Picks


If you missed this year’s incredible national beauty trade show at the NEC Birmingham, never fear – we’re here to share our favourite highlights. ❤ 

From body glitter to colour therapy, Beauty UK exhibited an outstanding array of hair and beauty essentials, luxury items and beautifully bizarre new trends.



Barbering Bonanza

Beauty UK’s barbering section was booming. With exhibitions from the the world-famous, award-winning Savill’s Barbers and industry newbies Fuzz Muzzle alike, this year’s barbering trends were certainly well represented. From grooming tools, to styling waxes and fragrances, these barbers had it all. Thank you hipster beards and man buns – we need these ultra stylish, vintage barbering brands in our lives. 👌


Awesome beards and grooming products by Captain Fawcett (left) and Apothecary 87 (right).




Cuccio truly stole the show for us, here at Adel. With beautifully crafted stalls promoting nail polishes and gels, luxury skincare and mani-pedi products, Cuccio was incredibly popular, and it’s plain to see why. With outstanding products at affordable prices, who could say ‘no’?


Beautiful Cuccio products

Beautiful Cuccio products.



Super Salonwear

One of our very own suppliers, LaBeeby, was extremely popular at the Beauty UK event. With tonnes of offers and reductions on their elegant salonwear, there’s no wonder they had the biggest queue for purchasing we saw all day! Check out our LaBeeby stock online.


Super popular LaBeeby sale.



Expert Airbrushing

The fabulous Airbase also made an appearance at this year’s trade show, demonstrating flawless airbrushing expertise. If you want to find out more about Airbase makeup, take a look at our training courses.


Flawless Airbase airbrushing in action.


Airbrushing is no longer just for makeup, as we discovered when we came across the innovative nail airbrushing technique offered by Magnetic. Using nail stencils and an air pressure gun, this system allows you to create intricate designs with multiple colour nuances in next to no time.


Innovative airbrushing nail system by Magnetic.


This wasn’t the only piece of nail art innovation on offer – if the Magnetic Air Nail System isn’t enough, what about nail printing? This revolutionary system by ArtPro Nail UK enables you to upload images into a digital inkjet printer to create personalised, high-res nail designs for all clients and any type of nail. Is this the pinnacle of HD nail art? 😮


Revolutionary ArtPro Nail design printer.



Luscious Lashes

Thought the demand for professional lashes couldn’t get any greater? Well think again! Beauty UK’s abundance of popular lash-based exhibitions proves just how essential false lashes and extensions – as well as expert application training – really are in the beauty industry. Want to refresh your lash techniques? Book yourself on to one of our lash training courses. 😊


Incredible lash exhibition by Lash Perfect

Incredible lash exhibition by Lash Perfect.



Glamorous Glitters

We must admit, we thought body glitters and glitter lips would be novelty treatments that soon wore off, but the exhibitions at Beauty UK proved us wrong! Not only are brands like Magpie Beauty still stocking a range of glitters, but the sparkly stands were some of the most popular exhibitions of the day. Unfortunately we couldn’t persuade our E-commerce Manager to get glitter lips or sparkling dolphin body art, but we suspect he was secretly more than willing.


Glitter Lips (left) and Sparkles Lips (right) adding a touch of glittery glam.



Therapy Masks

Colour light therapy techniques have really begun to develop. Rather than torch-style products, this latest innovation includes a full mask for all over facial LED light therapy. These masks may look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they seem to be the next big thing in electrical beauty treatments. With a variety of coloured lights to target differing skin complaints, these therapy masks are versatile in their treatments (if a touch unnerving!)


LED colour light therapy masks by Slim Fit Clinic (left) and The Wellness Tree Group (right).



If you made it to Beauty UK and have your own favourite exhibitions, share them with us in the comments box or on our Facebook page. 😁



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