Brows So Bad They’ll Make Beauticians Cry!


Everyone knows that soul destroying moment when a client walks in with eyebrows almost beyond repair…



…but you suppress the urge to scream, say a little prayer, and continue to work your magic. 😏

However, sometimes people take their brows WAY too far and all hope is lost! 😭


tv sad reactions crying work


This collection of 15 utterly irreparable brow disasters is enough to make any beautician weep!


1: The Flat Brow: there is absolutely no shape – how do we work with this?! 😰




2: The High Brow: who needs brows in the middle of their forehead?! (if we can even call these brows…)




3: The Slug: so thick, so short, so wrong 😓




4: The Gap: just in case you need to park your car between your brows…




5: The Tadpole: ‘threading’ doesn’t mean your brows should look like a piece of thread…



6: The Triangular Brow: brows so bad they actually detract from that God-awful eyeliner 🙈




7: The Overly-Expressive Brow: how do you even begin to read this face?




8: The Trumpet: they aren’t even vaguely modelled on natural eyebrows! Brow stencils anyone? 😣




9: The Square Root: why are they falling off her face? Are they committing eyebrow suicide?!




10: The Phantom Brow: we’re all for embracing naturally sparse brows, but this is really pushing it 😳




11: The Man Brow: so much misplaced pride…




12: The Mad Brow: we’d be angry too if our brows looked like these 😠




13: The Cat: this is taking it to a whole new level…




14: The Friendship Decider: god-dammit, Megan, you know these brows aren’t perfect! 😭




15: The Crevice: o_O that’s it, we’re done!




We’ve got total faith in your ability to fix even the most offensive of brows, but why not brush up your skills on one of our expert training courses? 😃



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