#Colorfulhair in a Flash


Say ‘hello’ to no-commitment hair colour! 🙌 New #Colorfulhair Flash Pro Hair Makeup from L’Oréal Professionnel delivers an instant burst of colour in an easy application, quick removal formula that helps your clients to really stand out from the crowd!



The Formula

#Colorfulhair Flash uses an innovative jelly texture, allowing for quick, clean application. Colour won’t run, transfer, or stain meaning there’s no mess during or after application – simply wash tools with water after use.

Infused with pearly pigments and fixing polymers that prevent transfer, the gel formula coats the hair fibre in a smoothing cosmetic film, helping to maintain a natural hair feel while delivering vibrant colour results. 💜



The Shades

Specially created to complement the existing #Colorfulhair palette, Flash Pro offers 8 fun-filled shades to boost and intensify your client’s look. With 4 vibrant colours and 4 deeper tones (recommended for dark bases), every client can enjoy a flash of colour for any occasion!




#Colorfulhair Flash Pro is super easy to apply and remove. No need for allergy testing, the hair makeup gel can be applied to dry hair with hands (no gloves required!), small brushes or even makeup brushes. Finish with a generous spritz of oil for sleek, shiny results. 💁‍♀️Delivering a total hair look in just 30 minutes and washing out in only 1 shampoo*, this is the ultimate speedy colouring service for all those experimental clients. 

*depending on hair’s porosity.



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